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OkState Water Week: 2016



The Oklahoma Water Resources Center is hosting OkState Water Week March 21-26, 2016. The event follows the United Nations World Water Day on March 22nd themed “Water and Jobs.” Lots of exciting activities are planned for the week! Keep up with all the activities and challenges by following us on Twitter @okstatewaterSign up below for activity locations.

Public, Partners, and 4-H: Currently we cannot open all activities to everyone. Some activities are open to the public. Please click here to see how you can participate during OkState Water Week.

Students: For a chance to win a water-filtering strawuse #okstatewaterweek and post about what you are learning at a variety of Water Week activities and what challenges you are accepting. Prizes will also be given at many of the week's activities and challenges sponsored by the Water Center and participating student organizations. Details will be posted on social media.

Monday, March 21st:

A Week-long Challenge: Water & Jobs Photo Challenge

You have all week to post photos of water infrastructure, utilities, or people you know working to deliver high quality water to us all. Be creative and have fun. The OK Water Resources Center challenges you to tweet your pics with #WaterIsWork #okstatewaterweek for a chance to win a water-filtering straw. Winners will be contacted after Water Week. (Open to all at OSU.)

OWRC-DASNR On Monday, 3/21/2016, FY2015 funding recipients gave FlashTalks of their projects, followed by small-group discussion. This event was hosted as part of OkState Water Week. Presenters were part of the programs listed below. See the flyer here.
  • Thomas E. Berry Fellows Program [more]
  • DASNR Water Grants Program [more]
  • USGS 104 Grants Program [more]

Tuesday, March 22nd:

Tuesday-Friday Challenge: Water Waste Photo Challenge

OSU Sustainability and Energy Management department challenges you to post pictures of campus water waste (irrigating in the rain, leaky faucet in your dorm, etc.) on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the #waterwaste and#okstatewaterweek. Photographers' names will be entered into a drawing for a University Dining Services Cups for a Cause. More pictures = more entries. The winner will be contacted through direct message. After the contest, we will post instructions for reporting water waste. (Challenge runs Tues. - Fri., 3/22-25. Open to all at OSU.)

The BAE-Graduate Student Association hosted a movie-viewing. Tapped (www.tappedthemovie.com) tells the story of the bottled water industry. 

OSU Energy Services hosted a tour of the OSU Water Treatment Plant.

Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for photos from these activities.

Wednesday, March 23rd:  

12:30-1:30 -- Engineers without Borders hosted a water filter competition and Use Your Head/Water-Carrying Challenge. Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for photos from these activities.

Thursday, March 24th: 

Thursday's Challenge: Choose Water over Soda

The US Green Building Council challenges you to #chooseorange today. Not only is water cheaper and better for you, it's better for the environment, too. Soda requires lots of water in production (including the bottle) and fuel during transport.

8:00 -- The Student Water Conference is off and running! This conference is sponsored by the Buchanan Family Trust through the Buchanan Endowed Chair, USDA NIFA through a National Integrated Water Quality grant, and the Oklahoma Water Resources Center.

7:00-8:30 -- Professional Development for student presenters

Friday, March 25th:

Friday's Challenge: Pledge to Boot the Bottle

Biosystems & Ag Engineering Graduate Student Association will give a reusable bottle to any student who signs the pledge pledge to #bootthebottle for a month. (Limited to the first 50 people.) Many say bottled water is socially unjust, wasteful, expensive, and unhealthy

8:00 -- Student presentations continue at the Student Water Conference today.

2:00-3:30 -- Water and Jobs: Meet-and-Greet: Representatives from various agencies and organizations tell what it takes to land your dream job. (Open to all of OSU. Sign up here.) On-campus event

3:30-4:00 -- Awards Reception: Best oral and poster presenters are named in the undergraduate and graduate categories.

4:15-6:00 -- Join a scavenger hunt to explore different sustainability/water-related destinations around OSU's campus. The winners go home with some great prizes. See the flyer for details. Open to all of OSU. Form your team of 2-4 people and sign up. (20 teams max) On-campus event

Saturday, March 26th:

Saturday's Challenge: Clean Streams

The US Green Building Council challenges you and your friends and family to head to your local stream and pick up trash. If you're in Stillwater, join them at Little Boomer Saturday. Once you're finished, post a pic of all the trash you removed and post to Twitter with #cleanstreams and #okstatewaterweek. Thanks for making the world a more beautiful place to be!

1:00-2:30 -- Get your feet wet with the OSU student chapter of the US Green Building Council for a stream clean-up in Little Boomer Creek. (Open to all. Sign up here. 25 max) Off-campus event

Be in the Know:

For the latest on all these events, follow us on Twitter@okstatewater #okstatewaterweek

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