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2012 Student Poster Contest

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2012 Poster Contest Winners



Student Presenters and Abstracts


Pride Abongwa
Water Chemistry of Selected Springs, Lakes, Wells and Creeks in Central, South Central and North Eastern Oklahoma
Abdul-Sahib Al-Madhhachi
A Mechanistic Detachment Rate Model to Predict Soil Erodibility due to Fluvial and Seepage Forces
abstract poster
Navneet K. Bilga
Parameterization and Application of the AquaCrop Model for Simulating Bioenergy Crops in Oklahoma
abstract poster
Jordan Carrell
Comparison of Fertilizer, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, and Septic Tank Effluent Impacts on Nitrate Concentration of the Rush Springs Aquifer
abstract poster
David Correll
Transient Resistivity Imaging of a Phosphorous Tracer Test
abstract poster
Joseph Dale
Towards instant broadcasting of surface water storage using remote sensing application
abstract poster
Jon Daniels
A need for simple and user-friendly detection methods for waterborne microbes
abstract poster
Grant Graves
Investigation of Insecticide Leaching and Transport from Potted Nursery Stock
abstract poster
Jacob Hernandez
The Geology and Hydrogeology of the Antlers Formation in Love County, Southern Oklahoma
abstract poster
Mallory Irwinsky Total dissolved solids in produced water for the Mississippian Lime and other active plays in Oklahoma
abstract poster
Whitney Lisenbee
Plant Growth in Lightweight Green Roof Media
abstract poster not available
Sharla Lovern
Mitigation, Adaptive Management, and Lessons Learned at the Cow Creek Stream Restoration and Streambank Stabilization Project, Year 1.
abstract poster
Haley Malle
Curve Number Estimation for Engineered Gravel Parking Lots
abstract poster
Aaron Mittelstet
Field Scale Modeling to Estimate Phosphorus and Sediment Load Reductions using a Newly Developed GUI for SWAT
abstract poster
Aaron Mittelstet Measurement of Polymer Parameters
abstract poster
Sagar Neupane
Potential Application of a Study Method of Climate Change Impacts on Chinook Salmon Habitat to Ouachita Rock Pocketbook in Southeast Oklahoma
abstract poster not available
Rebecca Purvis
Characterization of Erosion and Phosphorous Levels of Protected and Unprotected Streambanks in the Barren Fork Creek Watershed
abstract poster
Brad Rogers
Turbidity Modeling for Oklahoma Soils
abstract poster
Admas Siyoum
Economic Valuation of Environmental Services from a Stream Channel Restoration Project
abstract poster
Peter Storm
Plot-Scale Leaching of Phosphorous in an Alluvial Floodplain in the Ozark Ecoregion
abstract poster
Amanda West
Runoff and Nutrient Dynamics of Native Tallgrass Prairie under Fire and Grazing in Oklahoma Flint Hills Region.
abstract poster
Wesley Williams
Water quality assessment of heavy metals in mussel shells by LA-ICP-MS
abstract poster
Steven Zawrotny
Chemical Constituents in Water and Sediment from Duck and Drowning Creek Coves, Grand Lake O' the Cherokees
abstract poster


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Student and professional poster applications will be accepted this year.
Only student posters will be eligible to compete in the Student Poster Contest.


  • Poster Format
    • The poster must include the following information: poster title, author's name, organization/affiliation, and contact information (mailing address, telephone, and E-mail address).  OWRRI will provide an easel and foam board (3 ft. X 4 ft., and clips to attach the poster) for displaying the poster during the Symposium.  To be eligible to compete, student posters must not exceed this size limitation.  For additional assistance with poster display (especially if you have any special requirements), contact OWRRI before November 7th.  It is the presenter’s responsibility to print the poster.
  • Poster Display
    • To compete in the contest, posters must be set up at the event site (Marriott: Tulsa Southern Hills) by 8 AM on November 13, 2012. At least one author must be available at the poster on that day during all breaks and the reception (5-6 PM) to answer questions. Although authors are only required to be present on the 13th, the posters should be left up on both the 13th & 14th because viewing opportunities are planned for both days.
  • Student Poster Award
    • Student posters will be considered for a Student Poster Award (1st place: $500, 2nd place: $300, and 3rd place: $200).  Each score will be based on the evaluations of three judges of the poster (including layout/design, information, and scientific merit), abstract, and author’s responses to questions.  Winners will be announced at the Symposium luncheon on November 14th.  It is not necessary to be present at the luncheon to win, but all authors are encouraged to attend.  Prize money will be dispersed through the OSU system and may take several weeks to reach the winners.
  • Changes, Cancellations, and Withdrawals
    • The Poster Committee considers a submitted poster abstract to be a commitment to attend the symposium. If extenuating circumstances prevent the author from attending, it is the author's obligation to find an alternative presenter and notify the OWRRI. To withdraw from the competition, E-mail withdrawal notifications to water@okstate.edu at least 3 business days before the start of the conference.
  • Symposium Registration
    •  At least one author of each poster must register for the Symposium.  A reduced student registration rate is available.  Registration will be available through the Oklahoma Water Resources Board’s Web site (http://www.owrb.ok.gov).
  • Proceedings
    • Persons submitting a poster are expected to submit a PDF file of their poster to be posted on the symposium website. They may also choose to submit a 2- to 10-page paper, also as a PDF, to be published online with the poster.
  • Important Dates
    • OCT 22 @ 5 PM: Poster abstracts due
    • LATE OCT/EARLY NOV: Mandatory symposium registration cut-off date
    • NOV 7@5PM: Requests for special or additional assistance with poster display due
    • NOV 7@5PM: Changes, cancellations, and withdrawal notifications due
    • NOV 13@8AM: Poster set-up complete; judging begins (Marriott: Tulsa Southern Hills)
    • NOV 13—8AM -6PM: Author to be with poster during designated poster viewing times to answer questions
    • NOV 13-14: Poster on display
    • NOV 14 @noon: Student Poster Contest winners announced
    • NOV 20@5PM: Deadline for submitting PDF of poster and optional paper for online publication
  • Contact Information

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