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Water Research Advisory Board

Water Research Advisory Board

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The Oklahoma Water Resources Center is responsible for developing and coordinating water research funding to address the needs of Oklahoma.

In 2006 a group of state regulators were called together to assist in selecting projects to receive funding. This board, known as the Water Research Advisory Board (WRAB), is comprised of policymakers and other water resource professionals.

Board members meet at least twice each year: summer and winter.

  1. Summer: The summer meeting is held to hear the technical reports from the projects funded during the previous year and to select pre-proposals to continue to the final proposal stage. On July 18, 2018 the Board met to hear findings from the 2017-funded projects and consider pre-proposals for 2019 funding.
  2. Winter: The focus of the winter meeting is to determine which research projects the Water Center will fund during the upcoming project year and to set the funding priorities for the following project year. During the winter meeting on December 13, 2018 the Board will hear proposals from 6 faculty and 3 student projects and select projects to fund; the projects are listed below:
  3. Faculty projects:

    1. Pretreatment of Produced Water Using Microbes and Membranes for Generating Clean Water for Irrigation or Industrial Uses
      Babu Fathepure, David Lampert, and Jason B. Belden
    2. Rational Design of Solar-Energy-Combined Desalination Systems for Treatment of Produced Water
      Seok-Jhin Kim, Dave McIlroy, David Lampert, and Clint Aichele
    3. Development of Economical Process for Treatment and Reuse of Produced Waters
      David Lampert
    4. Low-cost Ceramic Membranes for Ultra/Nanofiltration of Produced Water
      Pankaj Sarin and Khaled Sallam
    5. Demonstration of Water Management Approaches for Oklahoma: Combined Groundwater and Surface Water as One Source vs. Separate, Independent Sources
      Jason Vogel, Kendra Dresback, and Randy Kolar
    6. Understanding Economic Impacts of Groundwater and Soil Moisture Interactions in Oklahoma – A Decision-Support Tool for Sustainable Water Management
      Jad R. Ziolkowska and Reuben Reyes

    Student projects:

    1. Effects of Deficit Irrigation on Water Use of Warm Season Turfgrasses under Fairway Maintenance
      Christopher Reid (with Dr. Charles Fontanier)
    2. Four-Step Produced Water Desalination Process with Zeolite and a-Alumina Membranes
      Hossein D. Atoufi (with Dr. David Lampert)
    3. Beneficial Use of Petroleum Produced Water to Convert Crude Oil to Methane Gas in Depleted Oil Reservoirs
      Babak Shabani (with Drs. Javier Vilcáez and Mostafa Elshahed)


    The meetings are open to the public. If you would like to attend, please e-mail