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Sergio Abit

urban, soil, water quality, sub-surface transport, contaminants, septic, Wastewater Treatment, OWTS, Aerobic Treatment System

Assistant Professor of Soil Science

Extension Specialist on Soils under Non-agricultural Uses

Specialization: urban soil and water quality; sub-surface transport of contaminants

Department: Plant and Soil Sciences


Twitter: @cowboyseptic

Blog: You Flush It… We Treat It!

Faculty Spotlight: Sergio Abit (April 2017 AQUAhoman newsletter)

Homeowner’s Guide to Septic Systems

Dr. Sergio Abit explains the different types of septic systems that are on display at the Oklahoma Onsite Wastewater Treatment Training Facility, and tells us which one is best suited to different locales, soil types, and yard sizes.

Research/Extension Specialty Areas:

  • Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Soil Science Refresher courses for Agriculturists and Environmental Professionals
  • Subsurface fates and transport of :
    • Nitrogen
    • Dissolved Reactive Phosphorus
    • Pathogenic Bacteria
    • Utilization of soil amendments (e.g. biochars) to improve soil treatment of contaminants in urban and sub-urban wastewater
    • Onsite Septic Systems

Research/Extension Projects:

  • Cowboy Septic Wastewater Purification Academy (Cowboy Spur Academy)
  • Oklahoma Onsite Septic System Lecture Series
  • Subsurface contaminant monitoring under aerobic treatment systems

Recent Publications:

Specialty Area Workshops/Conferences Organized and/or Attended:

  • Oklahoma Certified Installers Association
  • Oklahoma Society of Environmental Health Professionals
  • SSSA Onsite Wastewater Conference