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Jason Warren

soil erosion, crop water use efficiency, irrigation, aquifers, groundwater, corn, sorghum, No Till

Extension Specialist in Soil & Water Conservation and Associate Professor

Specialization: soil erosion; crop water use efficiency

Department: Plant & Soil Sciences

Soil & Water Conservation

Twitter: @oksoilwater

No-Till Research

Jason Warren shows us the results of ongoing no-till research.

Research/Extension Specialty Areas:

  • Irrigated Crop Management
  • No-Till Cropping Systems
  • Soil Health

Research/Extension Projects:

  • Ogallala CAP

Center-funded Projects:

Recent Publications:

  • Murley, Cameron B. Sumit Sharma, Jason G. Warren, Daryl B. Arnall, William R. Raun. 2018. Yield response of corn and grain sorghum to row offsets on subsurface drip laterals. Agricultural Water Management 208: 357-362.
  • Wilson, T.M., A.H. Whitaker, C. Elder, A.J. Foster, T.E. Ochsner, V.G. Kakani, J.G. Warren. 2017. Nitrous Oxide emissions for biofuel feedstocks production. In review.
  • Konemann, C.E., B.M. Kard, M.E. Payton, S.P. Deng, J.G. Warren, and T.M. Wilson. 2016. CO2 emissions from soil on Oklahoma’s tallgrass prairie preserve in the presence or absence of termites (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae). Am. Midl. Nat. 176(1):60-71.
  • Whitaker, A., C. Penn, and J. Warren. 2016. Surface application of a saline-sodic oil and gas drilling waste to winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Geoderma. 274:97-103.