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Hailin Zhang

water testing, sampling, water reuse, water quality, nutrients, effluent

Regents Professor

Director of Soil Water and Forage Analytical Laboratory

Specialization: water sampling; animal waste management

Department: Plant and Soil Sciences

Manure & Animal Waste Management
Oklahoma Certified Crop Advisers
Soil, Water and Forage Analytical Laboratory

Facebook: @hailin.zhang.94
Twitter: @OSUSoilTesting

Water Testing

Dr. Hailin Zhang explains the importance and process of water testing.

Research/Extension Specialty Areas:

  • Soil Nutrient Management
  • Animal Waste Management
  • Soil and Water Testing and Interpretation

Research/Extension Projects:

  • Manure Nutrient Management Extension
  • Water Quality Testing

Center-funded Projects:

Evaluating the Reuse of Swine Lagoon Effluent and Recycled Municipal Water for Agricultural Production (2016)

Developing an Interactive Online Water Quality Interpretation Program (2014)

Recent Publications:



  • Lei, L., G. Li, H. Zhang, C. Powers, T. Fang, Y. Chen, S. Wang, X. Zhu, B. Carver, and L. Yan. 2018. Nitrogen use efficiency is regulated by interacting proteins relevant to development in wheat. Plant Biotechnology.
  • McGowen, E.B., S. Sharma, S. Deng, H. Zhang, and J.G. Warren. 2018. An automated laboratory method for for measuring CO2 emissions from soils. Agric. Environ. Letters.
  • Sun, X., H.K. Atiyeh, A. Kumar and H. Zhang. 2018. Enhanced ethanol production by Clostridium ragsdalei from syngas by incorporating biochar in the fermentation medium. Bioresource Technology 247:291-301.
  • Sun, H., J. Min, H. Zhang, Y. Feng, K. Lu, W. Shi. 2018. Biochar application mode influences nitrogen leaching and NH3 volatilization losses in a rice paddy soil irrigated with N-rich wastewater. Environmental Technology.
  • He, Z., H. Zhang, H. Tewolde, and M. Shankle. 2017. Chemical characterization of cotton parts for multiple uses. Ag. Environ. Letters 2:1-5.
  • Ji, Rongting, J. Min, Y. Wang, H. Cheng, H. Zhang, W. Shi. 2017. In-season yield prediction of cabbage with a hand-held active canopy sensor. Sensors 17(10), 2287.
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