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To most effectively share timely information with you, we distribute two types of newsletters:

  1. The Aquahoman is published biannually
  2. Currents is published bimonthly


November 2018
  • Looking Forward to the Governor’s Water Conference & Research Symposium
  • Produced Water: Importance of Treatment and Reuse
  • How Efficient Are Irrigation Systems in Oklahoma?
  • Opportunities
  • Septic System Maintenance Project
  • Journal of Contemporary Water Research & Education August Issue


September 2018
  • "Connections"
  • Call for Abstracts for the Water Research Symposium
  • Call for Nominations: Water for 2060 Excellence Awards
  • Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Tyson Ochsner
  • Opportunities
  • Comprehensive Soil Moisture Estimation
  • New Website Design for the Oklahoma Water Resources Center


July 2018
  • Save-the-Date: 2018 Governor's Water Conference and Research Symposium
  • Swine Lagoon Effluent for Agricultural Production
  • We are Oklahoma. We are Water.
  • Dr. Art Stoecker Remembrance


April 2018
  • From the Director’s Desk
  • Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry
  • Produced Water: Contaminant Reduction through Algal Biomass Production
  • Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Nurhan Dunford
  • Oklahoma Irrigation Conference 2018 Recap
  • On-farm Sub-surface Drip Irrigation
  • Wheat Producers Facing Tough Call on Nitrogen Application
  • New & Noteworthy


Past Issues

  • March 2018 Currents
    • High Ambitions on The Hill
      New Faces in the Water Center
      Produced Water Panel Brought Together during OSU’s Research Week
      Oklahoma Clean Lakes and Watersheds Association Conference
      Oklahoma Water Resources Center Expert Booklet
  • January 2018 Currents
    • Projects selected for 2018 funding
      104(g) National Competitive Grants Program RFP
      Oklahoma Irrigation Conference set for March 8 in Weatherford
  • November 2017 Currents
    • 38th Oklahoma Governor's Water Conference and Research Symposium
      The Future of Water: Data or Instincts?
      Student Section (including Outstanding Poster recipients)
      Septic System Questions Should Be on Every Rural Home Buying List
      OSU Expertise Available on Your Mobile Device
  • October 2017 Currents
    • Oklahoma Governor’s Water Conference & Research Symposium Updates
      Investing in Our Institutional “Water Infrastructure”
      Student Section, Opportunities, & Other Resources
      Thomas E. Berry Faculty Fellows Add to Our Knowledge and Quality of Life
  • September 2017 (Volume 13, Issue 2)
    • From the Director’s Desk
      U.S. Geological Survey Oklahoma Water Science Center
      The Oklahoma Governor's Water Conference & Research Symposium
      Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Todd Halihan
      Unique Water and Energy Audit Helping Producers become More Efficient
      New & Noteworthy
      Contact Info and Social Media Links
  • July 2017 Currents
    • Dr. Kevin Wagner Named Director of Oklahoma Water Resources Center
      July: Smart Irrigation Month
      Announcing an RFP and the Research Symposium dates
      Resources are Available to Help before, during, and after a Flood
      Homeowner’s Guide to Septic Systems
  • May 2017 Currents
    • Water for 2060 Produced Water Working Group
      Estimating Groundwater Recharge Rates
      Announcing the 2017 NSF REU program students
      Other Resources
      Feedback on Reducing Regulatory Burden (EPA)
  • April 2017 (Volume 13, Issue 1)
    • From the Director’s Desk
      THAT’S A WRAB: The National Weather Service Arkansas-Red Basin River Forecast Center
      OSU Researcher Talks Water and Sustainability
      World Water Day Celebration at OSU

      Student Section: The 2017 Student Water Conference Makes a Splash
      Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Sergio Abit
      Drought Is Everyone's Concern
      New & Noteworthy
      WWWeb Updates
      Contact Info and Social Media Links
  • March 2017 Currents
    • World Water Day Celebration at OSU
      Student Water Conference 2017
      Other Resources
      Possible New Uses for Wastewater
  • January/February 2017 Currents
    • Moss Eager to Continue Growth of Oklahoma Water Resources Center
      USGS 104(b) Oklahoma Competitive Research Grant Recipients Selected for Project Year 2017

      2017 Student Water Conference
      Other Resources
      Meet Our Experts!
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