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Water Science Seminars

Water Science Seminars

The Oklahoma Water Resources Center invites speakers to facilitate collaborations and share information with OSU faculty, staff, and students.

If you are interested in presenting to an audience with diverse interests in water, please e-mail

Past Seminars:

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Dr. David Lampert covered four aspects of Emerging Challenges in Produced Water Management.

  1. Oil and gas production background (PDF, video)
  2. Environmental impacts of oil and gas production (PDF, video)
  3. Challenges associated with produced water reuse and recycling (PDF, video)
  4. Produced water treatment technologies (PDF, video)
  5. Read the entire presentation.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

FY2015 and 2016 funding recipients gave FlashTalks of their projects, followed by small-group discussion. This event was hosted as part of OSU's celeberation of World Water Day. More information about the presenters and their projects are linked below. See the flyer here.

stream by Paige Kleindl_web.jpg

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

This Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) provides seven students a research experience over a ten-week period during the summers of 2015-2017. The research includes studies in hydrology, geosciences, and biology at the Cow Creek Stream Rehabilitation Site on the OSU campus. The central theme of the program will be discussing ways to rehabilitate streams and evaluating natural channel design approaches.

See the announcement for more seminar details and visit our REU page for more about the students and their projects.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Climate change research has permeated many fields of study, from the arts and humanities to social sciences to natural sciences. The impacts of climate change are seen worldwide, but our understanding of those impacts - and what humans can do about them - remains limited. To better understand climate change impacts, many researchers and practitioners use the results from global climate models or from downscaled datasets.

Dr. Renee McPherson from the SC Climate Science Center at the University of Oklahoma presented Global climate models and downscaling: What (the heck) are they and why should I care? in 101 Ag Hall Tuesday, July 12, 2016 from 11am to noon.


Dr. Doug Shields from Doug Shields Engineering presented Uncertainty and variability in stream restoration designs on Friday, June 3rd. Dr. Shields has been an international leader in river restoration research and practice. Areas of special interest include backwater management, large wood, effects of vegetation on levee reliability, and river training structures. More information is included in the announcement.

On Thursday, June 2, Dr. Doug Shields conducted a workshop on "Designing Channels for Stream Restoration." Slides are available on


Michael Graves from Garver Engineering presented Oklahoma Drivers and Regulation Development for Wastewater Reuse on Monday, May 16th.

Mr. Graves is a Vice President and Strategic Reclaimed Water Planner for Garver Engineering. He has 21 years of operations, planning and design experience with extensive municipal service. More information is included in the announcement.


Dr. Ty Ferre, University of Arizona Professor and 2016 Henry Darcy Distinguished Lecturer by the National Ground Water Research and Educational Foundation presented Seeing Things Differently:  Rethinking the Relationship Between Data, Models, and Decision-Making on Thursday, 3/24/2016, at 4:00 in room 270 of the Student Union. See the flyer here. This event was hosted as part of OkState Water Week.
Read the news release, "OSU brings in Darcy Lecturer to speak about the future of water research".
OWRC-DASNR On Monday, 3/21/2016, FY2015 funding recipients gave FlashTalks of their projects, followed by small-group discussion. This event was hosted as part of OkState Water Week. Presenters were part of the programs listed below. See the flyer here.
  • Thomas E. Berry Fellows Program [more]
  • DASNR Water Grants Program [more]
  • USGS 104 Grants Program [more]

Dr. Bin Wang, postdoctoral research associate and lecturer, presented "Challenges in Soil Erodibility Research" on February 3rd at 3:30 p.m. in Ag Hall 108.
View the announcement.


VPR Panel Series: Powering Oklahoma and the Nation  Dr. Fox discussed OSU’s water research portfolio within the food-energy-water nexus. (OSU Jones Conference Room, CPAC; 2/17 @ 10am)


Dr. Mike Treglia from the University of Tulsa presented "Working towards LiDAR-based Data Products for Oklahoma and their Applications in Natural Resources Research" (Ag Hall 320; 2/17 @ 1pm)
View the announcement.


Dick Greenly, the founder of Water4 and president of Pumps of Oklahoma, is an OSU alumnus and geologist with over 33 years’ experience of fluid movement. He and his wife Terri started Water4 in 2008. Water4 has provided a clean water supply to around 1 million people.  The goal for Water4 is to eradicate the world’s water crisis for the bottom billion.
Join us October 14th at 3:30 p.m. in Ag Hall 201.
Resources:  |  flyer

Kisling pic

Brent Kisling, chairman of the steering committee for the Northwest Oklahoma Water Action Plan discussed some of the water issues of Northwest Oklahoma and how the new plan will address them. The seminar will be 10/19 @ 3:30, Ag Hall 201.

Resources:  |  flyer

NW Oklahoma Team Tackles Water Planning (The Journal Record; 4/8/2014)

Xiao pic

Dr. Xiangming Xiao presented "Remote sensing of ecosystem composition, structure and function" Tuesday, July 7th, 1-2 PM in AGH 122.

Resources:  flyer | Dr. Xiao's project page (


Water Career Perceptions Lecture (March 27th at 6:00 PM in French Lounge of Student Union): The Student Water Conference is pleased to welcome back to campus, Dr. Maria Chu, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois to discuss her experiences as a graduate student, post-doctorate, consultant, and now a faculty member.


Buchanan Lecture (March 26th at 7:00 PM in French Lounge of Student Union): This 2015 Buchanan Lecture was given by J.D. Strong, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Water Resources Board, and previously Oklahoma's Secretary of the Environment. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Oklahoma State University and started working with OWRB as an environmental specialist. Watch the video here.

OWRC-DASNR 2014 DASNR Water Program Award Recipients to Discuss Research Findings
Tuesday, March 24, 2-4 PM in Ag Hall 374
  • Justin Moss, “Responsible Outdoor Water Use for Oklahoma”
  • Hailin Zhang, “Developing an Interactive Online Water Quality Interpretation Program”
  • Justin Moss, “Enhancing the OSU Bixby Research Station to Conduct Turfgrass Drought Resistance Research and Extension Programming”
  • Jason Warren, “Developing Management Strategies for Subsurface Drip Irrigation in the Oklahoma Panhandle”

Dr. Richard Lowrance is the Director of the Ground Water and Ecosystems Restoration Division at the EPA-Kerr Lab in Ada, OK. He presented "The USEPA Robert S. Kerr Environmental Research Center – 50 Years of Research and Technology from Ada, OK" Wednesday, 3/11/2015 @ 3:30 in Ag Hall 107.
Resources: announcement | EPA-Kerr Lab Website

GWPC logo
Representatives from the Ground Water Protection Council (Associate Director, Dan Yates) and the Ground Water Research and Education Foundation (Director, Ben Grunewald) presented a seminar about their organizations’ missions and needs, "About the Groundwater Protection Council," on December 4, 2014.
Resources: presentation |

Escurra Dr. Jorge Escurra, a hydrologist at the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, presented a lecture, "Climate Change and Water Availability" on November 3, 2014.
Resources: announcement | ODAFF website

Dr. François Birgand, Associate Professor of Biological & Agricultural Engineering at North Carolina State University and keynote speaker at the Oklahoma Governor's Water Conference and Research Symposium presented a class lecture and a seminar on OSU's campus October 23 and 24, 2014,
"Challenges and Perspectives with Continuous Water Quality Data."
Symposium lunch keynote speech: video (38 min.)
link to his Web site

DeJonge Dr. Kendall DeJonge presented "Limited-Irrigation Research Projects in Northern Colorado" October 2, 2014.
seminar announcement
article about the seminar

Sheshukov The Oklahoma Water Resources Center hosted Dr. Aleksey Sheshukov, an Assistant Professor in Biological and Agricultural Engineering at Kansas State University, as part of the Big XII Faculty Fellowship program on September 16, 2014.
link to his Web site

Zetland photo_red.jpg David Zetland, the invited speaker for the 2013 Water Research Symposium, presented a class lecture and a seminar on OSU's campus October 24 and 25, 2013.
Dr. Zetland blogs on water, economics and politics at and is the author of The End of Abundance: economic solutions to water scarcity (2011).
Symposium lunch keynote speech: presentation | audio (48 min.)
Ag Economics lecture: presentation | audio (74 min.)
All-in-auction seminar: announcement | video
SUNUP discusses current Oklahoma water issues and takes a look at the concept of water auctions with Dr. Zetland in "Water Issues."

Evans cover slide
Dr. Jason Evans presented "Effects of local drought condition on public opinions about climate and water supply issues in the southeast U.S." on OSU's campus October 16, 2013.
seminar: announcement | presentation

PStarks_crp.jpg Dr. Patrick Starks was part of the Natural Resource Ecology and Management department's Fall 2013 seminar lineup.  During this seminar, co-sponsored by the Water Center, Dr. Starks will discuss recent Agricultural Research Service (ARS) research quantifying impacts of redcedar on the hydrology of the North Canadian River watershed.
seminar: announcement | presentation
USDA ARS, Grazinglands Research Laboratory Web site

Cynthia BarnettAuthorPhoto-72dpi.jpg Cynthia Barnett, the invited speaker for the 2012 Water Research Symposium, presented a class lecture and a seminar on OSU's campus November 15, 2012.  Mrs. Barnett is the author of two recent books: Mirage: Florida and the Vanishing Water of the Eastern U.S. and Blue Revolution: Unmaking America's Water CrisisView the announcement for this seminar.
seminar: presentation | video
lecture: presentation
link to her Web site

 Kiamichi1.jpg Dr. Robert Puls presented "Oklahoma Water Survey: Education, Research, Outreach on Water Issues."  He also gave a class lecture focused on hydraulic fracturing  (09/19/2012).
seminar: abstract  |  presentation
lecture: presentation
OK Water Survey Web site

Dr. Kevin Wagner presented "Bacterial Contamination of Surface Water from Grazing Lands" (09/23/2011).
presentation summary
Texas Water Resources Institute Web site


Dr. David Sabatini presented "OU WaTER Center: In Pursuit of Sustainable Water Technologies for Remote Areas of Developing Countries"  (03/31/2011).
WaTER Center Web site