2010 Student Poster Contest

2010 Student Poster Contest

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2010 Poster Contest Winners




Student Presenters and Abstracts


Daniel Allen
The use of stable-isotope tracers to track nutrient subsidies by freshwater mussels
poster not available
April Bagwill
Effects of Land Use on Playa Lakes and Amphibian Populations of the Southern Portion of the Playa Lakes Region poster abstract
Malarie Barrett Phytoremediation of Soil Phosphorous with Crabgrass
poster abstract
Hiren Bhavsar & Jongsan Choi A GIS-aided Approach to Estimate Economics of Irrigation from a Desalinized Water Course poster abstract
Stacey R. Brown
Towards a New Water Atlas of Oklahoma poster abstract
Lindsey Carter Determining Sediment Nutrient Release Rates in Central Plains Reservoirs poster abstract
Nina Desianti
Didymosphenia geminata (rock snot) is present year-around in the Lower Mountain Fork poster abstract
Russell Dutnell
Preliminary Findings of a Fluvial Geomorphic and Sediment Transport Study of the Little River Upstream of Lake Thunderbird Using an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP)
poster abstract
Clayton Elder
Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Cellulosic Bioenergy Feedstock Production
poster abstract
Jenny Hung
Temporal Dynamics of Soil-Water Content and Soil-Water Depth in Mesic Tallgrass Prairie and Eastern Redcedar Woodland
poster abstract
Pascal Irmscher
Aerial Documentation of Stream Flow in Southeastern Oklahoma
poster abstract
Jessica Lay & Rachel Branch
Real Cowboys Recycle: Tailgate Recycling
poster abstract
Aidan Leddy
Survey of the Hydrology and Geology of Pilot Springs by Geologic Mapping and Resistivity Mapping
poster abstract
Liu Lu & Chris Bednarczyk
Predicting Climate Change over Southern Great Plains (SGP)
poster abstract
Jessica S. Magers
Geochemistry and occurrence of arsenic in the Rush Springs aquifer Caddo County Oklahoma
poster abstract
Laura Merriman
Quantifying Evapotranspiration for Wetlands
poster abstract
Taber Midgley
Evaluation of the Bank Stability and Toe Erosion Model (BSTEM) for Predicting Lateral Streambank Retreat on Ozark Streams
poster abstract
Ron Miller
Interpolated Preferential Flow Paths from Geophysical Data in Oklahoma Ozark Floodplains
poster abstract
Carrie Miller-DeBoer Effects of Native Freshwater Mussels on Water Clarity poster not available abstract
Aaron Mittelstet & Derek Heeren
Quantification of Subsurface Phosphorus Transport at Two Field Sites in Northeast Oklahoma
poster abstract
Leah Oxenford
Seasonal Iron Removal Performance within Tte Initial Oxidative Cells of a Passive Treatment System
poster abstract
Andres Patrignani
Water Use of Double Crops in No-Till Cropping Systems in Oklahoma
poster abstract
Maryse Sagbohan
Quantification of Water Fluxes and Irrigation Water Use Through Remote Sensing and Attempt to Study the Parameters that Control Actual Evapotranspiration
poster abstract
Bethany L. Scott
Geographic Information System Analysis of Transpiration from Oklahoma Cropland and Grassland
poster abstract
Kevin Stunkel
Quantifying Indicator Bacteria Removal Efficiencies by Vegetated Filter Strip
poster not available abstract
Kaliana Moro Tanganelli
Sequential Fractionation and Water Soluble Phosphorus Methods to Investigate Soil Phosphorus in a Long-term Manure Application
poster abstract
David Wallace
Estimate of Recharge to the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer Using Soil Moisture Data from an Oklahoma Mesonet Site
poster abstract
Michael Wine
Evaluating Hydrologic Effects of Long-term Tillage and Grazing Treatments in Western Oklahoma
poster abstract