2012 Symposium

2012 Symposium


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  • Session 1: Updates and New Developments
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    • Mitigated Creek Turnpike Wetlands: Twenty Years Later; Success or Succession? by Hal Reed (ORU)
    • Riparian Songbirds as Indicators of Watershed Condition by Timothy O'Connell (OSU)
    • Hydrolic Investigation of the Rush Springs Aquifer by Chris Neel (OWRB)
    • Introducing the New South Central Climate Science Center by Kim Winton (USGS-SCCSC)
  • Session 2: Effects of Redcedar Encroachment on Water Quantity
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    • Introduction and Throughfall, Interception, and Stemflow Results by Don Turton (OSU)
    • Watershed Infiltration, Soil Water Dynamics, and Stream Flow by Chris Zou (OSU)
    • Water Use of Individual Red Cedar Trees by Rodney Will (OSU)
    • Invasive Species Public Policy: Easter Red Cedar Management, Options & Consequences by Larry Sanders (OSU)
  • Session 3: The 2010-2012 Oklahoma Drought
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    • Evolution and Persistence of the 2010-2012 Drought in Oklahoma by Gary McManus (OU)
    • Hydrologic Drought of Water Year 2011 Compared to Four Major Drought Periods of the 20th Century in Oklahoma by Bill Andrews (USGS-Water Science Center)
    • Soil Moisture-Based Drought Monitoring in Oklahoma by Tyson Ochsner (OSU)
    • Impacts and Responses to the Drought by Dave Shideler (OSU)
  • Session 4: Water Quality and Nutrient Management
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    • Phosphorus Concentrations Have Been Declining in the Illinois River: Was It Point Sources, Farm-Level Nutrient Management, or What? by Brian Haggard (Univ. of Arkansas)
    • Within-River Phosphorus Retention in the Illinois River: A Missing Place in the Watershed Phosphorus Puzzle? by Helen Jarvie (Centre for Ecology an Hydrology, United Kingdom)
    • Investigating Algal Response to Changig Phosphorus Concentrations in British Rivers Using Flume Mesocosms by Mike Bowes (Centre for Ecology an Hydrology, United Kingdom)
    • Oklahoma's Poultry Waste Management Education Program by Josh Payne (OK Cooperative Extension Service)
  • Session 5: Water Use and Management for Energy Production
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    • Innovative Strategies for Management of Water in Unconventional Resource Projects by David Alleman (ALL Consulting)
    • Old Oil Wells Verses New Water Wells: A Case Study by Patricia Billingsley (Oklahoma Corporation Commission)
    • Estimating Freshwater and Saline Water Volumes Associated with Oil and Gas Production in Oklahoma, 2000 to Present by Kyle Murray (OU)
    • Land Application of Drilling Mud by Chad Penn (OSU)
  • Session 6: Environmental Chemistry for Water Resource Protection
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    • DOC Characterization for Surface Water Impoundments in Northeast Oklahoma by Brian Wintle (Professional Engineering Consultants)
    • Mercury Exposure from Fish Consumption Among Recreational Fishers in the Grand Lake Watershed by Robert Lynch (OUHSC)
    • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocardobns (PAHs) in Harvested Rainwater by Jason Vogel (OSU)
    • Relation Between pH and Occurrence of Trace Elements and Radionuclides inWater from Private Wells, Central OK, 2011 by Carol Becker (USGS-WSC)


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