2013 Symposium

2013 Symposium

34th Annual Governor’s Water Conference & 11th Annual Water Research Symposium


Sessions & Abstracts


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  • Session 1: Updates and New Developments
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    • Strategies for Compliance With Stage 2 Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproducts Rule for Surface Water Treatment Facilities in Northeastern Oklahoma by Brian Wintle
    • How the Oklahoma Corporation Commission Can Help Rural Water Districts and Town Water Systems by Patricia Billingsley
    • The Changing Dynamics of Oklahoma Water by Ken Senour and Larry Roach
    • Water Research Issues in Hydraulic Fracturing–the Economists’ Perspective by Larry Sanders
  • Session 2: Aquatic Species
    • S2panel.jpg
    • Effects of water quantity on fish communities in the upper Cimarron River by Jim Long
    • Mercury Exposure from Fish Consumption among Recreational Fishers in the Grand Lake Watershed by Robert Lynch
    • Freshwater Mussels and Environmental Flows in Southeastern Oklahoma by Caryn Vaughn
      Abstract | More info @ cvaughn@ou.edu.
    • Interactions between water quantity and quality and the impacts to an economically-important fishery by Jim Burroughs
  • Session 3: Groundwater
    • S3panel.jpg
    • Hydrologic Investigation Update of the Rush Springs Aquifer by Chris Neel
    • Sustainability of Oklahoma Groundwater Systems? Climate versus Human Impact by Kyle Murray
    • Fate of nitrate in the capillary fringe and shallow groundwater of a sandy soil by Sergio Abit
    • Hydrogeology, Distribution, and Volume of Saline Groundwater in the Southern Midcontinent and Adjacent Areas of the United States by Noel Osborne
  • Session 4: Water and Soil Conservation
    • S4panel.jpg
    • Sediment and Phosphorus Loads from Streambank Erosion and Failure in The Illinois River Watershed by Garey Fox
    • Water Use in Ada, Oklahoma During 2011 and 2012 by Jim Weaver
    • Identification of the source(s) of fecal contamination in Oklahoma Watersheds using sterols distribution by Yueming Lu
    • Using R to Analyze Data from Probabilistic Monitoring in Oklahoma by Jean Lemmon
  • Session 5: Water Reuse
    • S5panel.jpg
    • Quantifying the First Flush in Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting by Jessica Lay
    • Water Reuse: A Regulatory Overview by Patty Thompson
    • Challenges and Advancements in Produced Water Reuse and Recycling by Matt Mantell
    • Advancing Indirect Potable Reuse in Oklahoma: Strategies for reducing biochemically-active pollutant loads in drinking water supplies by Michael Graves
  • Session 6: Weather and Climate
    • S6rep.jpg
    • New Weather Analysis Tools by Albert Sutherland
    • Oklahoma City Outdoor Water Conservation Education Program by Justin Moss
    • Sorghum and Corn Production on limited Water Supply in the Panhandle Region by Jason Warren
    • Taking the long view: Adapting to the risk of increasing frequency and severity of drought in Oklahoma by Duncan Wilson


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