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Crop Production

The Water Center offers a wealth of information for producers. Below are a select few of our areas of expertise. We hope you find these links helpful.

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Aquifers/Groundwater (Dr. Jason Warren)

NPK/Nutrient Management (Dr. Brian Arnall)

Soil Moisture/Plant-Available Water (Dr. Tyson Ochsner, Dr. Saleh Taghvaeian)

Subsurface Drip Irrigation (Dr. Saleh Taghvaeian)

Waste Management (Dr. Doug Hamilton, Dr. Hailin Zhang)

Water Law and Policy (Dr. Shannon Ferrell, Dr. Larry Sanders)

Water Re-use (Dr. Hailin Zhang)

Water Testing (Dr. Hailin Zhang)

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Research & Extension underway at OSU:

current 16in PAW map

Plant available water is the amount of water in the soil that is potentially available for plant uptake. These maps are useful for drought monitoring and decision-making in production agriculture. Click on the links below to see today's maps.
(Dr. Tyson Ochsner - Plant & Soil Sciences)


By using reference strips and the GreenSeekerâ„¢ sensor, a site-specific N rate can be produced that is tailored for an individual field for that season... more
(Dr. Brian Arnall - Plant & Soil Sciences)


Conservation Tillage allows more water to enter the soil, leading to increased soil moisture, less soil erosion, and better water quality in the surrounding watershed.
(Dr. Jason Warren - Plant & Soil Sciences)
- Visit notill.okstate.edu.


The Soil, Water and Forage Analytical Laboratory results can help improve production and minimize negative agricultural impacts on the watershed.
(Dr. Hailin Zhang - Plant & Soil Sciences)
- Visit soiltesting.okstate.edu.

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