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Water Lines

Water Lines


Water Lines is a collection of timely, topical articles concerning water issues in Oklahoma and surrounding states.  Articles are published by Water Center staff and faculty.


Hydrology Matters by Holly Enlow (12/1/2016)

Oklahoma’s Water Settlement by Christian Ley (10/31/2016)

Nature's Wetland Engineer by Dr. Dwayne Elmore (4/29/2016)

Salts, Seismicity, and the Search for a Solution by Dr. Chad Penn (3/1/2016)

A Path Forward for Oklahoma’s Groundwater Monitoring and Assessment by Joshua Cross (12/11/2015)

Using Cosmic Rays to Measure Soil Moisture by Joshua Cross (11/3/2015)

OSU Stream Trailers Teach Vital Lessons about Streams and Rivers by Jonathan Anthony (1/28/2015)

Freeze-Proof Tanks as a Dependable Replacement to Pond Watering by Jonathan Anthony (12/11/2014)

OSU research team investigates streambank erosion and phosphorus sources by Jonathan Anthony (12/09/2014)

Oklahoma State University Invites Dr. DeJonge to Discuss Deficit Irrigation by Jonathan Anthony (11/25/2014)

Restricting Groundwater Rights? by Dr. Mike Langston (November 2013)

Your Water Could Be Costing You More Than You Think by Dr. Mike Langston (August 2013)

Rainwater Harvesting 101 by Dr. Jason Vogel (July 2013)

Water and Politics by Dr. Mike Langston (June 2013)

The Dangers of Blue Green Algae by Dr. Mike Langston (May 2013)

How Dry Is It? by Dr. Tyson Ochsner (April 2013)

The Bright Line between Surface Water and Groundwater by Dr. Mike Langston (March 2013)