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Journal Publications

Researchers funded through our Oklahoma Water Research Grants Program [USGS 104(b)] go on to present their findings at various conferences and publish in various media. Below are some of the peer-reviewed publications from research we have funded.


Datta S., S. Taghvaeian, T.E. Ochsner, D. Moriasi, P. Gowda, J.L. Steiner. 2018. Performance Assessment of Five Different Soil Moisture Sensors under Irrigated Field Conditions in Oklahoma. Sensors 18(11):3786.

Murley, Cameron B., Sumit Sharma, Jason G. Warren, Daryl B. Arnall, William R. Raun. 2018.Yield response of corn and grain sorghum to row offsets on subsurface drip laterals. Agricultural Water Management 208: 357-362.

Acharya, Bharat S., Todd Halihan, Chris B. Zou, and Rodney E. Will. 2017. Vegetation Controls on the Spatio-temporal Heterogeneity of Deep Moisture in the Unsaturated Zone: A Hydrogeophysical Evaluation. Scientific Reports 7(1).

Khand K, Taghvaeian S, Hassan-Esfahani L. 2017. Mapping annual riparian water use based on the single-satellite-scene approach. Remote Sensing 9(8), 832.

Krueger, Erik S., Yohannes T. Yimam, and Tyson E. Ochsner. 2017. Human Factors Were Dominant Drivers of Record Low Streamflow to a Surface Water Irrigation District in the US Southern Great Plains. Agricultural Water Management 185: 93-104.

Wyatt, Briana M., Tyson E. Ochsner, Christopher A. Fiebrich, Christopher R. Neel, and David S. Wallace. 2017. Useful Drainage Estimates Obtained from a Large-Scale Soil Moisture Monitoring Network by Applying the Unit-Gradient Assumption. Vadose Zone Journal 16(6).

Acharya, Bharat S., Younghong Hao, Tyson E. Ochsner, and Chris B. Zou. 2016. Woody Plant Encroachment Alters Soil Hydrological Properties and Reduces Downward Flux of Water in Tallgrass Prairie. Plant and Soil 414(1-2): 379-391.

Acharya, Bharat S., Elaine Stebler, and Chris B. Zou. 2016. Monitoring Litter Interception of Rainfall Using Leaf Wetness Sensor under Controlled and Field Conditions. Hydrological Processes 31(1): 240-249.

Miller, R.B., D.M. Heeren, G.A. Fox, T. Halihan, and D.E. Storm. 2016. Heterogeneity Influences on Stream Water–Groundwater Interactions in a Gravel-dominated Floodplain. Hydrological Sciences Journal 61(4): 741-750.

Mittelstet, A.R., D.E. Storm, and G.A. Fox. 2016. Testing of the Modified Streambank Erosion and Instream Phosphorus Routines for the SWAT Model. Journal of the American Water Resources Association (JAWRA) 53(1): 101-114.

Purvis, Rebecca A., and Garey A. Fox. 2016. Streambank Sediment Loading Rates at the Watershed Scale and the Benefit of Riparian Protection. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 41(10): 1327-1336.

Castro, Antonio J., Caryn C. Vaughn, Jason P. Julian, Marina G. Llorente, and Kelsey N. Bowman. 2015. Social Perception and Supply of Ecosystem Services - A Watershed Approach for Carbon Related Ecosystem Services. Biodiversity in Ecosystems - Linking Structure and Function.

Dale, Joseph, Chris B. Zou, William J. Andrews, James M. Long, Ye Liang, and Lei Qiao. 2015. Climate, water use, and land surface transformation in an irrigation intensive watershed—Streamflow responses from 1950 through 2010. Agricultural Water Management 160: 144-152.

Daly, E. R., G. A. Fox, H. K. Enlow, D. E. Storm, and S. L. Hunt. 2015. Site-scale Variability of Streambank Fluvial Erodibility Parameters as Measured with a Jet Erosion Test. Hydrological Processes 29(26): 5451-5464.

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Gates, Kiza K., Caryn C. Vaughn, and Jason P. Julian. 2015. Developing Environmental Flow Recommendations for Freshwater Mussels Using the Biological Traits of Species Guilds. Freshwater Biology 60(4): 620-635.

Qiao, Lei, Chris B. Zou, Rodney E. Will, and Elaine Stebler. 2015. Calibration of SWAT Model for Woody Plant Encroachment Using Paired Experimental Watershed Data. Journal of Hydrology 523: 231-239.

Vaughn, Caryn C., Carla L. Atkinson, and Jason P. Julian. 2015. Drought-induced Changes in Flow Regimes Lead to Long-term Losses in Mussel-provided Ecosystem Services. Ecology and Evolution 5(6): 1291-1305.

Zou, Chris B., Giulia L. Caterina, Rodney E. Will, Elaine Stebler, and Donald Turton. 2015. Canopy Interception for a Tallgrass Prairie under Juniper Encroachment. PLOS ONE 10(11).

Heeren, Derek M., Garey A. Fox, and Daniel E. Storm. 2014. Berm Method for Quantification of Infiltration at the Plot Scale in High Conductivity Soils. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 19(2): 457-461.

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Scott, Bethany L., Tyson E. Ochsner, Bradley G. Illston, Christopher A. Fiebrich, Jeffery B. Basara, and Albert J. Sutherland. 2013. New Soil Property Database Improves Oklahoma Mesonet Soil Moisture Estimates. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 30(11): 2585-2595.

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