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  • June 2016 (Volume 12, Issue 2)
    • From the Director’s Desk
      Nature’s Wetland Engineer
      2017 Request for Pre-proposals
      Student Section
      Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Qing Lana Luo
      VP for Research Names FEW Council
      Oklahoma EPSCoR
  • March 2016 (Volume 12, Issue 1)
    • Salts, Seismicity, and the Search for a Solution
      Streamside Aquifers Blur the Boundaries between Groundwater and Surface Water

      Recipients Selected for 2016 OK Grants
      Student Section
      Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Saleh Taghvaeian
      Oklahoma Irrigation Conference set for 3/8
      OSU Professor Awarded USDA Grant
  • December 2015 (Volume 11, Issue 4)
    • Using Cosmic Rays to Measure Soil Moisture
      Building Plans for Deteriorating Infrastructure
      Noted scientist to speak at Oklahoma Governor’s Water Conference and Research Symposium

      A Path Forward for Oklahoma’s Groundwater Monitoring and Assessment
      Student Section
      Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Phillip Alderman
      OSU Students Win Irrigation Foundation Awards
      Water Center News, Opportunities & Events
  • August 2015 (Volume 11, Issue 3)
    • New OSU Berry Fellows would make namesake ‘pleased’
      Improving Soil Moisture Monitoring by the Oklahoma Mesonet

      Extension Highlights & New Publications
      Student Section
      Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Wyatt Hoback
      Blue-Green Algae Can Threaten Livestock
      Research Symposium Announcements
  • May 2015 (Volume 11, Issue 2)
    • State Grant Review
      BRACE FOR IMPACTS: Dr. Justin Moss "Shaping Oklahoman Water Knowledge"
      Updates & Announcements from the Center
      Student Section
      Faculty Spotlight: Max Melstrom
      Are Herbicides Safe to Use in My Pond
      2016 104(b) RFP
  • February 2015 (Volume 11, Issue 1)
    • THAT’S A WRAB: OK Conservation Commission
      Research and Extension Collaboration: On a Land-Grant Mission to Improve Water Quality with a Unique and Versatile Structure
      BRACE FOR IMPACTS: Dr. Todd Halihan "Water Center Grant Recipient Positively Impacting the “City of Pure Spring Water” and its Neighbors"
      Student Section
      Water Program Award Recipients
      OSU Stream Trailers Teach Vital Lessons
      Conservation Conversation
  • November 2014 (Volume 10, Issue 4)
    • Ground Water Protection Council: Purpose and Projects
      Student Section
      The Widespread Impact of the Water Center’s Grants Program
      Links to New Video Playlist
      OSU Research Team Investigates Streambank Erosion and Phosphorus Sources
  • August 2014 (Volume 10, Issue 3)
    • Protecting State Water is Vital
      Improving Drought Resilience in Oklahoma
      Documenting the Impact of the Water Center’s Grants Program

      NSF-REU Available Summer 2015
      Call for Presentations Abstract
  • June 2014 (Volume 10, Issue 2)
    • An Introduction to the Interim Director of the Water Center
      2015 Request for Pre-Proposals in Water Research
      E. coli as an indicator of water quality
  • April 2014 (Volume 10, Issue 1)
    • Phosphorus Concentrations Declining in Illinois River
      Legal Field Use of Fish Sedatives
      Projects Selected for Funding in 2014
      Restricting Groundwater Rights?
  • September 2013 (Volume 9, Issue 1)
    • OWRRI News: Advisory Board Meets to Select 2014 Funded Research Projects
      Governor’s Water Conference & Research Symposium
      Rainwater Harvesting 101
  • October 2012 (Volume 8, Issue 2)
    • OWRRI News
      33rd Annual Governor’s Water Conference & 10th Annual Water Research Symposium
      Water Research Symposium: Call for Presentations
      Water Research Symposium: Call for Posters
  • April 2012 (Volume 8, Issue 1)
    • OWRRI‐Funded Research Projects for 2012
      The Legislative Update
      The Botanic Garden at OSU Provides Unique Teaching and Research Opportunities
      News & Events
      A Growing Family
  • August 2011 (Volume 7, Issue 3)
    • WRAB Wrap Up
      2011 Governor’s Water Conference and Water Research Symposium
      2011 Symposium: Call for Posters
      2011 Symposium: Call for Presentations
      2011 Request for Proposals in Water Research
  • June 2011 (Volume 7, Issue 2)
    • DASNR Welcomes OWRRI
      Summer WRAB Meeting to Set Research Priorities
      2011 Legislative Update
      Water Plan Project Completed
  • March 2011 (Volume 7, Issue 1)
    • Legislative Update
      Projects for Funding 2011
      WRAB Wrap Up
      Feedback Input Meetings
  • December 2010 (Volume 6, Issue 3)
    • History of the OWRRI Water Research Symposium
      Undergraduate Takes Top Prize in Student Poster Contest
      On the Grid, A love letter to engineers and taxes
      The Wonders of Machu Picchu

      2010 Water Research Symposium
  • September 2010 (Volume 6, Issue 2)
    • WRAB Wrap Up
      Water and the Law
      National Grant 104g
      2010 Governor’s Water Conference and Water Research Symposium
      2010 Symposium: Agenda
      2010 Symposium: Call for Papers
      2010 Symposium: Call for Posters
      2011 Request for Proposals in Water Research
  • May 2010 (Volume 6, Issue 1)
    • From the Director’s Desk
      Legislative Update
      2010 Sponsored Research 
      Recent Publications
      Symposium 2010 Call for Posters
      2009 Final Report Summaries
  • September 2009 (Volume 5, Issue 2)
    • From the Director’s Desk
      Legislative Update
      Research Grant Winner
      Symposium Call for Posters
      Symposium Update
  • February 2009 (Volume 5, Issue 1)
    • From the Director
      RIM Wrap-up
      Work Shops
      Grant Winners
      Legislative Update
      News Briefs
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