Oklahoma Water Resources Center


Annual Reports of the Research and Extension Activities of the Water Center:

  • View the 2017 Annual Report
      • Utilizing native isopods to assess the connectivity and quality of Oklahoma groundwater
        (Dr. Ronald Bonett and Alexander Hess)
      • The Impact of Drought on Vegetation Water Use in Different Climatic Divisions across Oklahoma
        (Kul Bikram Khand with Dr. Saleh Taghvaeian)
      • Economics of Groundwater Interaction and Competing Crops
        (Karthik Ramaswamy with Dr. Art Stoecker)
      • Modeling soil moisture under various land cover types: using long-term grassland monitoring data to estimate soil moisture in Oklahoma forests
        (Briana M. Wyatt with Drs. Tyson E. Ochsner and Chris B. Zou)
  • View the 2016 Annual Report
      • Algal Remediation of Waste Water Produced during Hydraulic Fracturing
        (Nurhan Dunford)
      • Western Oklahoma Irrigation Water and Energy Audits: Findings, Recommendations and Educational Materials
        (Scott Frazier, Saleh Taghvaeian, Jason Warren, Don Sternitzke, and Cameron Murley)
      • Evaluating the Reuse of Swine Lagoon Effluent and Recycled Municipal Water for Agricultural Production
        (Hailin Zhang, Doug Hamilton, Saleh Taghvaeian, and Scott Carter)
    • View the 2015 Annual Report
      • Threats to the Lugert-Altus Irrigation District: Untangling the Effects of Drought, Land Use Change, and Groundwater Pumping
        (Tyson E. Ochsner, Yohannes Tadesse Yimam, and Erik S. Kruger)
      • Quantifying Streambank Erosion and Phosphorus Load for Watershed Assessment and Planning
        (Dan Storm and Aaron Mittelstet)
      • Optimizing the Economic Value of Water from the Ogallala used for Irrigation
        (Jason Warren, Rick Kochenower, Jody Campiche, Rodney Jones, and Art Stoecker)


    • View Older Reports:
      • View the 2014 Annual Report
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    Project Reports from Center-funded Researchers:

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