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Berry Fellows Projects

2015-2017 Berry Fellows

The Thomas E. Berry Faculty Fellows Program in Integrated Water Research and Management recognizes Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (DASNR) faculty, Extension educators, and district specialists who are making outstanding contributions in research, Extension, and/or education.

2015-2017 Program

Interesting read: New OSU Berry Fellows would make namesake ‘pleased’ (July 9, 2015 article by Don Stotts, Ag Communications Services)

Field Deployable Water Filtration System with Bioinformatics and Pyrosequencing for Effective Monitoring and Survey of Water-Borne Viruses
(Francisco Ochoa-Corona, Associate Professor in Entomology and Plant Pathology)

On-Farm Subsurface Drip Irrigation: How does Soil Type Impact Efficiency and Management
(Jason Warren, Associate Professor of Plant and Soil Sciences)

The Application of Fly Ash to Treat Storm Water around Poultry Houses
(Glenn Brown, Regents Professor of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering)

Youth Water Education and Water Fairs
(Cheryl Newberry, District Program Specialist-4H)
Additional Resources: Learning About Water video  | Oklahoma 4H20 website | sample materials

2016-2018 Program

Improved Seasonal Streamflow Forecasts to Inform Surface Water Management in Oklahoma
(Tyson E. Ochsner, Sarkeys Distinguished Professor in the Plant and Soil Sciences department)

Using Oklahoma-sourced Biochar for Removal of Pesticides in Runoff
(Jason R. Vogel, former Associate Professor and Stormwater Specialist in the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering department)