Oklahoma Water Resources Center

2018 Projects

The Water Resources Research Act of 1964 authorized the establishment of a water resources research and technology institute or center at a land-grant university in each state. As a result of the Water Resources Act, the Oklahoma Water Resources Research Institute (OWRRI, currently known as the Oklahoma Water Resources Center) was founded in 1965 at Oklahoma State University. Although headquartered at OSU, the Oklahoma Water Resources Center serves the entire state of Oklahoma. The Center strives to help Oklahoma achieve high levels of water quality and sustainable use of our region’s water through integrated programs of research, education, training, and technology assistance.

Our Water Research Advisory Board decides which projects submitted for funding best suit the state's needs. This Advisory Board met December 12, 2017 to hear proposals from four faculty and two student researchers. Following the presentations Board representatives selected two faculty and two student projects for 2018 funding through the 104(b) Oklahoma Competitive Research Grants. Below are the recipients with brief descriptions of their projects. Final project reports should be available May 2019.

Faculty Researchers

Student Researchers

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