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The Oklahoma Water Resources Center will host the annual Student Water Conference March 23-24, 2017. 

“If you are a student researcher looking for the hottest water-related topics in an open and casual forum, this is the place to go,” said Yan Zhou, a doctorate student who majored in biosystems engineering in the biosystems and agricultural engineering department of Oklahoma State University. Zhou has attended the Student Water Conference for three consecutive years.

Zhou explained that the conference provides an open atmosphere allowing researchers from different backgrounds to contribute to a broad list of water-related research topics. The event allows students to learn new methods of presentation as well as gain feedback from established faculty members. The casual discussions with others involved in the water research field is very beneficial for students seeking to learn more interdisciplinary skills that will be helpful in future research and presentations.

Originally encouraged to participate in the conference by his advisor, Zhou agrees that the conference is a wonderful opportunity for beginners in research. “I feel so lucky to be involved in the Student Water Conference,” said Zhou.

In 2014, Zhou presented on the application of a transient zone storage model to soil pipeflow tracer injection experiments. His presentation at the 2015 conference covered the impact of changes in baseflow levels on temperature at reach scale due to hyporheic exchange. Then at last year’s conference Zhou presented on understanding the impacts of surface-groundwater conditions on stream fish under altered baseflow conditions.

“I chose to study biosystems engineering to dedicate myself to unravelling nature’s way of harmony and improving the sustainability of human activities,” said Zhou. The topics he chose to study and present are of urgent importance to the current state of the environment. These topics directly relate to water resource regulation, affecting water quantity and quality in the environment, especially in agriculture and aquatic ecosystems. Zhou hopes to improve the world’s ability “to comprehend, interpret and predict the responses of the environment to human activities.”

The Oklahoma Water Resources Center is proud to host an event highlighting students providing water research of such importance. “The Center is dedicated to linking research topics and integrating available data so that these valuable resources are readily available for others,” said Zhou.

If you are interested in attending or participating in the 2017 Student Water Conference, visit www.water.okstate.edu/swc. Abstract submissions are due February 24, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. central time.


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