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Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

BAE 6313 Stochastic Methods in Hydrology
Stochastic and statistical hydrologic analysis of surface water and ground water systems. Analysis of urban and rural drainage and detention systems Same as CIVEN 6843. Offered every SPRING.

BAE 6333 Fluvial Hydraulics
Principles of sediment detachment and transport in fluvial systems. Design of stable channels and flow resistance relationships for sediment-laden flows.

BAE 6343 Groundwater Contaminant Transport
Principles of solute and multiphase transport in soil and ground water. Effects of advection, diffusion, dispersion, degradation, volatilization and adsorption. Relationships between laboratory and field scale transport. Contamination by nonaqueous phase liquids.

BAE 6520 Problems in Soil and Water Engineering
Problems associated with erosion control, drainage, flood protection, and irrigation.

BAE 6580 Problems in Transport Processes
Literature review and analysis of heat and mass transport and interval diffusion in biological materials. Transport phenomena at interfaces, thermal and cryogenic processing, drying, packed and fluidized bed systems. Thermal and moisture control processing affecting quality of food products. Written report required. Offered every FALL, SPRING and SUMMER.

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