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Oklahoma Water Resources Center

USGS 104(b) State Grant Program

2016 RFP-104

The Oklahoma Water Resources Center invites pre-proposals for water research projects from any faculty member (up to $25,000) or student (up to $5,000) at any institute of higher education in Oklahoma through the USGS 104(b) grants program. 

For 2018:


  • The application process begins with one-page pre-proposals due by noon on July 17, 2017. Multiple pre-proposals representing distinct research projects from the same researcher were welcome. 
  • View the 2018 RFP announcement and pre-proposal guidelines.
  • Select pre-proposals will continue in the competition; we will request a full proposals for these.
  • Click here for a template you may use. (optional)


If you wish to be notified of future requests for proposals, please join our mailing list.

Learn how others have benefited from the program:

Link to successful state project abstracts and reports from this and previous years.

Click here to read about how these grants impacted the researchers and their students.

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