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Oklahoma Water Resources Center

Project Reports

The Water Resources Research Act of 1964 authorized the establishment of a water resources research and technology institute or center at a land-grant university in each state. As a result of the Water Resources Act, the Oklahoma Water Resources Research Institute (OWRRI, currently known as the Oklahoma Water Resources Center) was founded in 1965 at Oklahoma State University.

Although headquartered at OSU, the Oklahoma Water Resources Center serves the entire state of Oklahoma. The Center strives to help Oklahoma achieve high levels of water quality and sustainable use of our region’s water through integrated programs of research, education, training, and technology assistance.

The Center enlists the help of 24 state, federal, tribal, and private organizations through its Water Research Advisory Board, which sets priorities and selects projects for funding.

Explore project abstracts and reports from PIs funded through our USGS funding program in previous years using the links below. Project reports are also included in our Annual Reports. Final reports and a searchable database are available from 1966-2014 on e-Journals @ OSU. Click here to read about how USGS seed grants impacted the researchers and their students.

In addition to USGS-funded projects, the Water Center also administers DASNR-funded projects and the Berry Fellows Program.


2018 Funded Projects

Faculty Projects:

Developing Seasonal Streamflow Forecasts to Inform Surface Water Management in Oklahoma
Tyson Ochsner, Erik Krueger, Briana Wyatt, and Eric Jones

Control of Problematic Halanaerobiales that Limit the Reuse of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids
Joseph M. Suflita and Irene A. Davidova

Student Projects:

Conserving Agricultural Water Resources in Oklahoma using Smart Technologies
Sumon Datta with Dr. Saleh Taghvaeian

Evaluating the Potential of Sentinel-2 and Landsat Images for Mapping Open Surface Water Body Areas and Water Quality in Oklahoma
Zhenhua Zou with Dr. Xiangming Xiao

Read more about the 2018 projects.

2017 Funded Projects

Faculty Project:

Utilizing native isopods to assess the connectivity and quality of Oklahoma groundwater
(Ronald Bonett and Alexander Hess)

Student Projects:

The Impact of Drought on Vegetation Water Use in Different Climatic Divisions across Oklahoma
(Kul Bikram Khand with Dr. Saleh Taghvaeian)

Economics of Groundwater Interaction and Competing Crops
(Karthik Ramaswamy with Dr. Art Stoecker)

Modeling soil moisture under various land cover types: using long-term grassland monitoring data to estimate soil moisture in Oklahoma forests
(Briana M. Wyatt with Drs. Tyson E. Ochsner and Chris B. Zou)

View abstracts and project reports from 2017.

2016 Funded Projects

Algal Remediation of Waste Water Produced during Hydraulic Fracturing
(Nurhan Dunford)

Western Oklahoma Irrigation Water and Energy Audits: Findings, Recommendations and Educational Materials 
(Scott Frazier, Saleh Taghvaeian, Jason Warren, Don Sternitzke, Cameron Murley)

Evaluating the Reuse of Swine Lagoon Effluent and Recycled Municipal Water for Agricultural Production 
(Hailin Zhang, Doug Hamilton, Saleh Taghvaeian, Scott Carter)

View abstracts and project reports from 2016.

2015 Funded Projects

Threats to the Lugert-Altus Irrigation District: Untangling the Effects of Drought, Land Use Change, and Groundwater Pumping
(Tyson Ochsner)

Quantifying Streambank Erosion and Phosphorus Load for Watershed Assessment and Planning
(Dan Storm/Aaron Mittelstet)

Optimizing the Economic Value of Water from the Ogallala used for Irrigation
(Jason Warren)

View abstracts, project reports, and presentations from 2015.


Older Project Reports

  • 2014 Funded Projects
    • Estimating Groundwater Recharge Using the Oklahoma Mesonet (Tyson Ochsner)
    • Comparison of Grain Sorghum and Corn Productivity under Limited Irrigation with Subsurface Drip (Jason Warren)
    • Increasing water yield and quality through redcedar removal and establishment of herbaceous biofuel feedstock production systems: Effect of vegetation on groundwater recharge in upland ecosystems (Chris Zou)
  • 2013 Funded Projects
    • Remote Sensing of Water Quality and Harmful Algae in Oklahoma’s Lakes
    • Estimating Groundwater Recharge Using the Oklahoma Mesonet
    • Comparison of Grain Sorghum and Corn Productivity under Limited Irrigation with Subsurface Drip
  • 2012 Funded Projects
    • Impact of Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent on Nitrogen Cycling by Stream Bacteria
    • Identifying Nutrient Pathways to Streams: Sediment and Phosphorus Loads from Streambank Erosion and Failure in the Illinois River Watershed
    • Quantitative assessment of climate variability and land surface change on streamflow decrease in the Upper Cimarron River
  • 2011 Funded Projects
    • Drought Monitoring: A System for Tracking Plant Available Water Based on the Oklahoma Mesonet
    • Incorporating Ecological Costs and Benefits into Environmental Flow Recommendations for Oklahoma Rivers: Phase 1, Southeastern Oklahoma
    • Investigation of the Viability of Rainfall Harvesting for Long-term Urban Irrigation: Bioaccumulating Organic Compounds and the First Flush in Rooftop Runoff
  • 2010 Funded Projects
    • State-Funded
    • Fluvial Geomorphic and Sediment Transport Study of the Little River Upstream of Lake Thunderbird Using an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP)
    • Water conservation in Oklahoma urban and suburban watersheds through modification of irrigation practice
    • Drought monitoring: a system for tracking plant available soil moisture based on the Oklahoma Mesonet
    • Federally Funded
    • Scale Dependent Phosphorus Leaching in Alluvial Floodplains
  • 2009 Funded Projects
    • State-Funded
    • Alternative Water Conservation Policy Tools for Oklahoma Water Systems
    • Quantification of water fluxes and irrigation use through remote sensing
    • Stream Depletion by Ground Water Pumping: A Stream Depletion Factor for the State of Oklahoma
    • Federally Funded
    • Eastern redcedar encroachment and water cycle in tallgrass prairie
  • 2008 Funded Projects
    • Evaluation of Water Use Monitoring by Remote Sensing ET Estimation Methods
    • An Assessment of Environmental Flows for Oklahoma
    • Decision Support Model for Evaluating Alternative Water Supply Infrastructure Scenarios
  • 2007 Funded Projects
    • Decision Support Model for Optimal Water Pricing Protocol for Oklahoma Water Planning: Lake Tenkiller Case Study
    • Determination of Fracture Density in the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer from Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Resistivity Data
    • Subsurface Transport of Phosphorus to Streams: A Potential Source of Phosphorus not Alleviated by Best Management Practices
  • 2006 Funded Projects
    • Occurrence of Pharmaceuticals, Hormones, and other Organic Wastewater Contaminants in Cave Water within the Lower Neosho and Illinois River Basins, Oklahoma
    • Historical, Ecological, and Geochemical Analysis of Lakes Eucha and Spavinaw
    • Decision Support System for Long-Term Planning of Rural and Urban Water Supply System Costs in Oklahoma
  • Archives: 1966 - present
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