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Oklahoma’s Water Settlement by Christian Ley (10/31/2016)

Streamside Aquifers Blur the Boundaries between Groundwater and Surface Water (by Joshua Cross, 3/2016)

Restricting Groundwater Rights? (Water Lines article by Dr. Mike Langston, November 2013)

Water and Politics (Water Lines article by Dr. Mike Langston, June 2013)

The Bright Line between Surface Water and Groundwater (Water Lines article by Dr. Mike Langston, March 2013)

Troubled Water: A Deep Dive into Oklahoma’s Most Precious Resource (a 2/27/2013 StateImpact documentary by Joe Wertz and Logan Layden)

De-mystifying water and wind laws (November 2010 issue of The Division Triangle, by Ron Dahlgren)

"Clean Water Rule" (WOTUS) in the News

EPA Launches New ‘Waters of the U.S.’ Website (https://www.epa.gov/wotus-rule)

Follow #CleanWaterAct on Twitter for the latest.

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