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FAQ: Where do I get my water tested?

The Soil, Water, Forage Analytical Laboratory on the OSU campus tests water for irrigation, livestock, and other general uses; SWFAL is not certified for drinking water tests. 

Visit www.soiltesting.okstate.edu  for more information. Contact your county Extension office for water sampling bottles, sampling instructions, and other information.

If you are testing your well for the first time or you have concerns about bacteria, pathogens, or general drinking water quality, you will want to find an ODEQ-accredited water testing lab.


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The Soil, Water and Forage Analytical Laboratory tests soil, water, and animal waste. Results can help improve production and minimize negative agricultural impacts on the watershed.
(Dr. Hailin Zhang - Plant & Soil Sciences)
 - Visit www.soiltesting.okstate.edu  for more information. Your county Extension office can provide testing kits.

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