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The American beaver (Castor canadensis) is a remarkable animal that is often underappreciated. This large rodent is considered a keystone species because it provides habitat for many other organisms through its extensive dam-building and tree-felling activity. [more...]

Migratory Birds (SUNUP, 5/14/16)
SUNUP travels to Garfield County to learn about the birds enjoying a layover in our state, as they travel north for the summer.


Shorebirds struggling to make 10,000-mile migration trip (April 5, 2017 article by Sean Hubbard, Ag Communications Services)

Nature's Wetland Engineer (4/29/2016 article by Dwayne Elmore)

The many benefits of wetlands (July 15, 2015 article by Sean Hubbard, Ag Communications Services)

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