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ANSI-3299 Estimating Water Requirements for Beef Cows (7/2017)

BAE-1537 Understanding Soil Water Content and Thresholds for Irrigation Management (6/2017)

BAE-1536 Bioretention Cell Design Guidance for Oklahoma (6/2017)

HLA-6615 Simple Irrigation Checkup for Home Sprinkler Systems (05/2017)

BAE-1534 Minimizing Stormwater Runoff by Disconnecting Residential Downspouts (05/2017)

BAE-1533 Drought and Its Impact on Agricultural Water Resources in Oklahoma (05/2017)

AGEC-1017 Water Rate Structure (conservation)

BAE-1501 Water Measurement Units and Conversion Factors

HLA-6420 Lawn Management in Oklahoma

HLA-6442 Hydroponics

HLA-6034 Use of Plastic Mulch and Row Covers in Vegetable Production

NREM-2883 Pond Management for Livestock, Fish, and Wildlife

NREM-2884 How Eastern Redcedar Encroachment Affects the Water Cycle

NREM-9208 Understanding Streams

AGEC-856 Groundwater: A Resource for the Future

PSS-2917 Phosphorus and Water Quality

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