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Private Wells

Private Well Classes are offered here.

Eight Tips for Maintaining Your Well

How to Properly Maintain Your Private Water Well OK DEQ fact sheet

Dealing with a flooded well after a storm (news article by Leilana McKindra, Agricultural Communications Services; 5/15/15)

Safe Drinking Water Before, During, and After a Disaster (Webinar presented by Gina Peek, Michael Smolen, and Hailin Zhang; April 25, 2013)

Well Owners' Network News (August 2012 issue) with articles of how water wells may be affected during and after drought and wildfires.

Drinking Water Quality


The Soil, Water and Forage Analytical Laboratory tests soil, water, and animal waste. Results can help improve production and minimize negative agricultural impacts on the watershed.
(Dr. Hailin Zhang - Plant & Soil Sciences)
 - Visit www.soiltesting.okstate.edu  for more information. Your county Extension office can provide testing kits.

An Equitable Water Future (US Water Alliance report that outlines the challenges that arise when water systems do not deliver clean, affordable water to disadvantaged communities. 5/2017)

Make sure your drinking water is safe in midst of disaster (news article by Leilana McKindra, Agricultural Communications Services; 5/22/2013)

A taste of the water debate (news article by Sean Hubbard, Agricultural Communications Services; 2/5/2013)

Water Scarcity/Global Issues

Noted global water issues expert speaks with OSU agriculture students (news article by Don Stotts, Agricultural Communications Services; 10/7/15)



In emerging regions and disaster-stricken areas water sanitation techniques can save and enrich lives.
Read "Engineering Beyond the Borders" to learn how OSU students are creating a safer water supply for people in need.

Engineers without Borders-OSU traveled to Honduras in 2011 to build water filters to clean drinking water. 

 - Read about the trip

 - View photos from the trip.




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