Oklahoma Water Resources Center

Septic Systems

Fact Sheets:
Several Oklahoma Cooperative Extension fact sheets related to septic systems are available here.

Other Resources:

NEW!! Educating Wastewater Professionals and Septic System Users (June 2017 article by David Steinkraus, Pumper Magazine)

Oklahoma has its own Onsite Wastewater Treatment Training Facility! (October 2016 article by Dr. Sergio Abit)

OSU opens its Onsite Wastewater Treatment Training Facility  (September 30 article by Sean Hubbard, Ag Communications Services)

Turning Waste into a Resource (by Trisha Gedon in the Fall 2015 issue of The Division Triangle)

You Flush It… We Treat It! (Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Extension Blog)

Soil-based Septic System Decisions (external link)

Deciding on what system to install (external link)

Septic Systems Permissible in Oklahoma (external link)

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