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Oklahoma Water Resources Center

SWC: 2015

The 4th Student Water Conference was held on the Oklahoma State University campus March 26-27, 2015 and was a huge success! The conference included presentations by 62 students representing universities from across the country.

Students had the pleasure of hearing two keynote speakers. The Buchanan Lecture was given by OSU alumnus and Executive Director of the Oklahoma Water Resources Board, J.D. Strong, who emphasized the need to generate sound research for guiding sound policy decisions. Dr. Maria Chu, an OSU alumna and Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois, presented water careers and her perceptions from her roles with universities and private consulting firms. We also appreciate the outstanding advice given by Dr. Sherry Hunt (USDA-ARS), Dr. Bill Andrews (USGS OK Water Science Center), Dr. Trisha Moore (Kansas State University), and Mr. Dan Yates (Groundwater Protection Council) during a roundtable discussion of water issues and careers.

This conference was part of OSU Water Week, which started with a 40-gallon challenge to Oklahomans to reduce daily water usage by 40 gallons. More than 100 people accepted our challenge, resulting in an additional savings of  nearly 13,000 gallons per day. What an achievement!

Read more in our May 2015 newsletter.

Award Winners

Outstanding Graduate Student Oral Presentations:

  • Bob Mollenhauer (Oklahoma State University)
  • Rebecca Purvis (Oklahoma State University)
  • Rachel McDaniel (Texas A&M University)
  • Brad Rogers (Oklahoma State University), Honorable Mention

Senior Design Team:

  • Emelia Brooks
  • Lizzie Hickman
  • Leslie Ogar


Outstanding Graduate Student Poster Presentations:

  • Whitney Blackburn-Lynch (University of Kentucky)
  • Kari Bigham (Kansas State University)
  • Bjorn Sellner (South Dakota State University)
  • Qualla Ketchum, (Oklahoma State University), Honorable Mention
  • Muluken Muche (Kansas State University), Honorable Mention

Outstanding Undergraduate Poster Presentations:

  • Tahnee Qualls (University of Kentucky)
  • Lizzie Hickman, (Oklahoma State University)
  • Uyanga Mendbayar (University of Alaska-Fairbanks)
  • Hannah Blankenship (Oklahoma State University), Honorable Mention


Buchanan Lecture


View the program for the 2015 Student Water Conference here.

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