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Research Symposium:
Every year since 2003 the Center has hosted a Water Research Symposium to bring together students and researchers in the water field to share their knowledge. In 2007 the Center began holding its meetings in conjunction with the Governor's Water Conference hosted by the Oklahoma Water Resources Board each fall. This partnership has been beneficial to the OWRB, the Water Center, and meeting participants who are able to interact with a more diverse audience. Join our mailing list to get symposium notifications.

Student Water Conference:
This conference consists entirely of student presentations to be judged by a panel of faculty members providing constructive feedback to students regarding their research presentation skills. Student activities will promote interaction among students of all disciplines. The conference includes two major lectures: the annual Buchanan Lecture and a Career Perceptions Lecture. This is the highlight of OkState Water Week for many.

World Water Day:
The United Nations World Water Day is on March 22nd. Each year has a different theme and lots of exciting events are planned around that theme. 

The Oklahoma Water Resources Center invites water professionals to present to OSU faculty, staff, and students. These interactions facilitate collaborations and information-sharing.

Watershed Symposia:
The Oklahoma Water Resources Center and their partners organize one-day symposia to bring together stakeholders from within a watershed to discuss current and future research and Extension needs in the watershed.

Water Research Advisory Board meetings:
WRAB members meet at least twice each year: winter and summer. The focus of the winter meeting is to determine which research projects the Water Center will fund during the year and to set the funding priorities for the next project year. The summer meeting is held to hear the technical reports from the projects funded during the previous year and to select pre-proposals to continue to the final proposal stage. The meetings are open to the public. If you would like to attend, please e-mail