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Ponds & Reservoirs

Ponds & Reservoirs

FAQ: I have a problem with my pond. What do I do?

Depending on the issue and urgency, you may want to read materials below and explore the resources in the right-hand navigation menu.

You may also contact your county Extension office for guidance from your county educator.


Are Herbicides Safe to Use in My Pond?
Do you have a pond weed problem? Often what is needed in the short term, is something to eliminate the problem plants without being toxic to other aquatic life or harmful to humans. Approved  aquatic herbicides applied according to label directions meet these criteria. This factsheet will get you started as you work with your county Extension Agriculture educator to select an herbicide and formulate long-term management practices to restore a healthy balance between plants, fish, and the other important uses of your pond.
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Pond owners and youth are educated about proper pond management through county extension offices.
(Dr. Marley Beem - Natural Resource Ecology & Management)

- View a presentation and video by Dr. Marley Beem, Natural Resource Ecology & Management
- Read the article, Freeze-Proof Tanks as a Dependable Replacement to Pond Watering by Jonathan Anthony, Water Center staff writer

Cross Timbers Experiment Range Station near Stillwater:
- Cattle exclusion from ponds for improved water quality, reduced erosion
- Impacts of land management on watersheds


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