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Demonstrations & Services

Demonstrations & Services


Oklahoma has its own Onsite Wastewater Treatment Training Facility! (October 2016 article by Dr. Sergio Abit)

OSU Professor Awarded USDA Grant to Improve Oklahoma Agricultural Water Management (by Joshua Cross, 3/2016)

Zoo Garden Teaches Lessons about Water Conservation and Drought-tolerant Plants (by Trisha Gedon in the Fall 2015 issue of The Division Triangle)

Green thumbs grow minds (Summer/Fall 2011 issue of The Cowboy Journal, by Holly Hiebert)

The Botanic Garden at OSU opens new door (November 2011 issue of The Division Triangle, by Trisha Gedon)



OWTS_install An Onsite Wastewater Treatment System demonstration has been installed in the Botanic Gardens at OSU. (Dr. Sergio Abit - Plant & Soil Sciences)
- more on the Septic Systems page
- You Flush It… We Treat It! blog
The Dr. Ronald L. Elliott Mesonet Weather Site was installed in the Botanic Gardens at OSU to demonstrate what a state-of-the-art weather data collection site (Mesonet station) looks like.
Low Impact Development can help you reduce stormwater runoff by providing information about collecting rain water, making and using pervious pavement, and bioretention cells.
Visit lid.okstate.edu for much more information.

Watch an "Oklahoma Horizon" video.

Beem_stream-trailer Stream stewardship to avoid bank erosion and other problems is taught using six stream trailers housed in different locations across the state... more
(Dr. Marley Beem - Natural Resource Ecology & Management
Zhang-rainfall_extBMPs A mobile rainfall simulator has been used to demonstrate best management practices for managing soil nutrients to farmers, homeowners, and students... more
(Dr. Hailin Zhang - Plant & Soil Sciences)
Brown-bioretention_cell Bioretention cells are landscaped areas designed to reduce runoff and improve water quality... more
Visit the Low Impact Development Web site.



The Soil, Water and Forage Analytical Laboratory at Oklahoma State University provides timely and reliable soil, water, and animal waste testing. Farmers and ranchers use the test results to improve their production and minimize the negative agricultural impacts on the watershed.
(Dr. Hailin Zhang - Plant & Soil Sciences)
Visit the web site.
View fact sheets related to soil and water testing.


IFMAPS (Intensive Financial Management and Planning Support) helps farm families identify ways to improve their farm's financial future. IFMAPS specialists use information from producer’s records to develop farm budgets and financial statements.
Visit the Web site.


Adults with an interest in nature learn about the state’s diverse natural resources through a series of one-day workshops.
Visit the Web site.
Dr. Marley Beem - Natural Resource Ecology & Management