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Statewide Estimates of Potential Groundwater Recharge

To sustainably manage groundwater resources, it is necessary to know an aquifer’s recharge rate, or the rate at which water is being returned to the aquifer. Understanding an aquifer’s recharge rate allows water managers to know whether more water is being returned to or lost from the aquifer, either by pumping or by natural discharge. Rates of groundwater loss often exceed the rate of recharge due to excessive pumping or drought, which causes water levels in aquifers to drop. [Read more...]

New Fact Sheets:

BAE-1539 Statewide Estimates of Potential Groundwater Recharge (6/2018)

E-1044 The Pond Owner’s Plea (02/2018)

HLA-6616 Salinity Management in Home Lawns (12/2017)

L-466 Aquatic Herbicides: Essential Information for New Applicators (11/2017)

BAE-1538 Measuring Depth to Groundwater in Irrigation Wells (11/2017)

ANSI-3299 Estimating Water Requirements for Beef Cows (7/2017)

BAE-1537 Understanding Soil Water Content and Thresholds for Irrigation Management (6/2017)

BAE-1533 Drought and Its Impact on Agricultural Water Resources in Oklahoma (5/2017)

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