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We strive to provide valuable resources and knowledge to improve the quality of life for Oklahomans. Below you will find resources to assist you in providing a safe and beautiful environment for yourself and your neighbors.

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Household Water (Dr. Gina Peek)

Pond Management (Dr. Marley Beem)

Septic Systems (Dr. Sergio Abit)

Water Conservation (Dr. Justin Moss)

Water Testing (Dr. Hailin Zhang)

Xeriscaping (David Hillock)

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The Soil, Water and Forage Analytical Laboratory results can help improve production and minimize negative agricultural impacts on the watershed.
(Dr. Hailin Zhang - Plant & Soil Sciences)
- Visit soiltesting.okstate.edu.

Rain gardens require much less water than traditional turf because they hold water in the soil; plus, they help recharge groundwater.

Visit lid.okstate.edu for much more information.

Botanic Garden at Oklahoma State University:
- Rain water harvesting
- Water Garden maintenance
- Stormwater Management
- Septic Systems Demonstration Site

current 16in PAW map

Plant available water is the amount of water in the soil that is potentially available for plant uptake. These maps are useful for drought monitoring and decision-making in production agriculture. Click on the links below to see today's maps.
(Dr. Tyson Ochsner - Plant & Soil Sciences)

On average 50-70% of water use in Oklahoma is for lawn watering. Summer bills will be significantly lowered by efficient use of water. Estimate your water bill, daily water use, and most importantly, savings, at https://okepscor.github.io/watercalc.

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