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Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting


Got Questions about Stormwater Runoff and LID? Oklahoma State University Has Answers! by Joshua Cross, Water Center staff writer (June 2015)

Rainwater Harvesting 101 (Water Lines article by Dr. Jason Vogel, July 2013)

Low impact development for stormwater management and control in Oklahoma (by Jason Vogel, Extension Stormwater Specialist in the Fall 2010 edition of “Engineering Success” – the Extension newsletter from the Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering Department)




Botanic Garden at Oklahoma State University:
- Collection of rain water for irrigation
- Garden pond maintenance
- Xeriscaping


Low Impact Development can help you reduce stormwater runoff by providing information about collecting rain water, making and using pervious pavement, and bioretention cells.
(Dr. Jason Vogel - Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering)

Visit lid.okstate.edu for much more information.


The rainwater sand cistern captures rainfall from the GREEN Cottage roof, holds rainwater below ground in the pore spaces between sand particles, and stores it for landscape irrigation.
Botanic Garden at Oklahoma State University


The GREEN Cottage employs a variety of alternative energy and resource conservation techniques applicable to the home landscape, including passive solar heating and lighting, rainwater capture and redistribution, and a water-saving landscape plan.

The GREEN Cottage is situated at the Botanic Garden at Oklahoma State University.