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New Job Posted
8/3/2016: A new job announcement is posted on our Job Board page.
Animal Husbandry
10/01/2015: A new page is available for those who care for cattle, horses, poultry, or swine. It covers important water quality and requirement issues that affect your animals and livelihood.
News & Events: Simplified
5/13/2015: There's a simpler way to see the news and events on the Water Center's home page.
Video Playlists
4/6/2015: The videos page has been completely revamped to make it more user-friendly. Each water category has its own page with new imbedded playlists that will be regularly updated.
Grants Galore!
2/9/2015: Recently several new grant opportunities have been added... and even more are on the way.
February 2015 AQUAhoman newsletter
02/06/2015: The February 2015 AQUAhoman newsletter has just been released.
Phosphorus Removal Publications Added
1/27/2015: Citations for several articles written by Water Center faculty members have been added.
Phosphorus Removal Presentation Added
1/27/2015: "Passive Phosphorus Removal Systems" by Chad Penn, Josh Payne, Jeff Vitale, Josh McGrath, and Delia Haak
New article tells story of OSU's land-grant mission working for Oklahoma
01/27/2015: A new article by J. Anthony is posted on the home page. "Research and Extension Collaboration: On a Land-Grant Mission to Improve Water Quality with a Unique and Versatile Structure" is an inspiring demonstration of partnership.
New Videos
1/14/2015: There's now an easy way to find the newest additions on the Educational Videos page. A table with the most recent videos has been added towards the top of the page. Now you never have to miss the latest release!
New Employment Opportunity
1/14/2015: Post-Doctoral Fellowship starts February 1, 2015. The position will be with the Water Resources Research Center, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii.
Second Chance for a First Impression
12/11/2014: The About Us page has been updated to reflect what's new with the Water Center: new Center name and new (interim) director, Dr. Garey Fox. In this video, Dr. Fox discusses the role of the Water Center, which has not changed: to support our faculty, who provide the most reliable research and extension services in Oklahoma.
Brace for Impacts
12/11/2014: Jonathan Anthony is writing a series of articles for the Water Center in which researchers tell their story of how Water Center seed money impacted their research and career. Read the first two here.
Seminar Page
12/10/2014: New presentations and much more information has been posted on our Seminar page. We have been fortunate to host some excellent researchers who are glad to share their findings with you.
Dates & Deadlines
12/11/2014: I have to think I'm not the only one overwhelmed with trying to keep dates straight in my head. To better help others of you struggling too, there is now a table set up on the Water Center's home page that list due dates for various meetings. Included is a link where you will find more information, including a link so you can add the event directly to your calendar.
First Phase Finished
11/10/2014: The first phase of the Illinois River Watershed Activities web page is complete. This page will serve as the clearinghouse for all research and Extension projects in the Illinois River watershed. Improvements will continue steadily and new information will go online, as available.
Lookin' Good
11/10/2014: The Home page has a new slideshow of hot topics. And it's not just another pretty face. This feature allows visitors to watch the most recent news scroll by, complete with hyperlinks connecting to any subject of interest.
Grant Opportunities
06/19/2014: Hot off the presses--The 2015 RFP, which includes guidelines for submitting your pre-proposal, has been posted. If you're reading this, you're among the first to know about next year's grant opportunities. Welcome to the inner circle!
Redcedar Water Use article
6/16/2014: The May 2014 issue of "The Cattleman" includes a well written summary of the findings from NREM faculty's "Redcedar Water Use" project.
Redcedar Water Use presentation
06/16/2014: The presentation, "Eastern Redcedar and Water: Recent ARS Research in Central Oklahoma" presented by Dr. Patrick Starks last fall is now available.
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