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New right-hand menus
3/5/2013: New right-hand menus on our Projects pages make information easier to find. These new menus can quickly connect visitors to related resources and pages within water.okstate.edu or to external pages with similar information. An example of this new design is available at http://water.okstate.edu/programs/water-conservation/landscaping-practices.
Congratulations to Dr. Jason Vogel!
2/28/2013: The Ag Communications Services news item "OSU’s Jason Vogel honored by Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service" was posted. Dr. Vogel received the recognition for his Stormwater Management Program.
2/28/2013: The "videos" page is up-to-date with the latest water-related SUNUP shows posted. Additionally, links to video recordings from the long-term drought in-service held February 19, 2013 in Clinton, OK were added under the "Weather & Climate" section (most are listed under "livestock production").
Erosion Control article
2/19/2013: A new article by Jeri Fleming was posted in the "Streams" section of the "Erosion Control" page.
"Energy Development" is developing
2/19/2013: The site's newest page, "Energy Development" is off and running, thanks to several contributing faculty (most notably Chad Penn, Gopal Kakani, and Scott Frazier). A biofuels research project by Dr. Kakani was added, as was a link to his "Bioenergy Crop Production" page. Additional resources are linked in a new right-hand navigation menu.
New Videos for Producers
2/12/2013: New videos for producers were added to our Videos page. These informative videos were sourced from the 2/2 and 2/9/2013 "SUNUP" shows and the 2/10/2013 "Oklahoma Horizon" show. These videos discuss options for managing through the current drought.
Higlighting upcoming events
2/12/2013: New events were posted for a workshop, seminar, and conference. Information for all these events and more is available from the home page in the right-hand Events menu.
2/12/2013: New presentations are available for viewing and from within our online Library. Presentations from a recent in-service are posted under the section, Economics & Policy/Oklahoma Water Law and Policy. An "Engineers without Borders" presentation was posted under the section, Water Quality/Drinking Water.
Extension Publications
2/4/2013: The Extension "publications & fact sheets" page has slimmed up for the new year. The publication categories were collapsed to help visitors find fact sheets more quickly.
New Project Page
1/29/2013: With water issues surrounding the food processing and energy development industries becoming a bigger topic of conversation, concern, and research, a new "Water Issues in Industry" subheading is now listed under "PROGRAMS & PROJECTS." Within the subheading there's a perfect page to highlight the latest Water Center publication, WREC-102 , "An Introduction to the Land Application of Drilling Mud in Oklahoma" (by Drs. Chad Penn and Hailin Zhang - Plant & Soil Sciences).
1/16/2013: A "Reports" page was added to the Library. Here you will find OWRRI annual reports, OWRRI-funded project reports, and current reports/research updates.
Livestock Producers in Drought
1/15/13: A "Providing Water" category was added to the "livestock producers" section of the drought page. This category will house links to information on supplying and testing water for livestock. For quick reference, "Providing Water" was added to the home page as one of the "Hot Topics.".
Home Page
1/8/13: A new spotlight video was added on the home page: "Livestock Safety with Frozen Ponds."
Home Page
12/21/12: There's a new video by SUNUP being highlighted on the Home page. It focuses on the Governor's Water Conference and Water Research Symposium.
Educational Videos
12/21/12: Two "SUNUP" videos were added to the "Videos" page: "Drought Impact Numbers" (to Weather & Climate/ Crop Production) and "Redcedar Policy" (to Aquatic & Terrestrial Ecosystems/ Terrestrial Ecosystems).
Educational Videos
12/13/12: Two "Oklahoma Gardening" videos were added to the "Videos" page: "Tree Recovery from Drought" (to Weather & Climate/ Residential Homeowners) and "Benefits of Wetlands" (to Aquatic & Terrestrial Ecosystems/ Ponds and Reservoirs).
Educational Videos
12/12/12: Links to Engineers Without Borders-OSU's "Implementation 2012" video and YouTube channel were added to the "Water Scarcity" video compilation.
Faculty Members
12/12/12: Tim Bowser and Paul Weckler were added to the new "Food Processing" area of expertise on the Faculty page. Scott Frazier and Gopal Kakani were added to the new "Energy Development" area of expertise on the Faculty page.
Research Symposium
12/11/12: PDFs of presentations given during sessions 1-6 at the Research Symposium in November 2012 were posted.
Food Processing
12/5/12: A new "Food Processing" category was added under "Programs and Projects." Please send content to water@okstate.edu.
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