Oklahoma Water Resources Center

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Agricultural, Food, Environmental & Natural Sciences Career Fair (OSU, 9/10)

International Workshop on Evapotranspiration Mapping for Water Security (Washington, DC; 9/15-17)

OU International WaTER Conference (Norman, OK; 9/21-23)

2015 Annual Meeting of the AR-OK Arkansas River Compact Commission (Tahlequah, OK; 9/24)

Ground Water Protection Council Annual Forum (Oklahoma City, OK; 9/27-30) 

Animal Mortality Management Symposium (Oklahoma City, OK; 9/28-10/1)

Groundwater In-service (OSU Stillwater Campus; 10/2)

Scenic Rivers Joint Study Committee (Langley, OK; 10/2)

On-site Wastewater Conference (Wes Watkins Center, Stillwater, OK; 10/9)

Society of Environmental Journalists Annual Meeting (Norman, OK; 10/7-11)

Midwest Groundwater Conference (Bentonville, AR; 10/14-15)

Environmental Federation of Oklahoma annual meeting (Oklahoma City, OK; 10/14-16)

Region 6 Stormwater Conference (Hot Springs, AR; 10/18-22)

Water Center Seminar: Brent Kisling will discuss water issues of Northwest OK and the plan to address them (Stillwater; 10/19).

American Water Resources Association (Denver, CO; 11/16-19)

Governor's Water Conference and Research Symposium (Norman, OK; 12/1-2)

Nutrient Management and Edge of Field Conference (Memphis, TN; 12/1-3)

2015 Groundwater Expo (Las Vegas, NV; 12/15-17)

National Conference and Global Forum on Science, Policy and the Environment (D.C.; 1/19-21)

Extension Sustainability Summit (Portland, OR; 4/5-7)

2016 NGWA Groundwater Summit (Denver, CO; 4/24-27)

Groundwater Visibility Initiative Workshop (Denver, CO; 4/28)

International Symposium on Gully Erosion (Purdue University; 5/23-26/2016)



Helping secure Oklahoma's water future
through research and transferring science-based information.
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