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Water Testing

Drinking Water, Well Water, Livestock & Irrigation Water


  • Where do I get my drinking water tested?

    Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality accredited water testing labs are currently the only facilities in the state that test drinking water. You may contact the ODEQ at (405) 702-0100, (800) 522-0206, and  to find the location nearest you.


    If your water comes from a city or county supply, contact them for their latest testing report or concerns regarding your water quality.


    If your water comes from a private well you are responsible for testing and treating your own water. 

  • Where do I get my livestock or irrigation water tested?

    The Soil, Water and Forage Analytical Laboratory on OSU-Stillwater campus offers a water quality test for livestock water to determine if the water is suitable for animals. They also offer a irrigation water test to make sure irrigation water content is suitable for crop growth and the future productivity of soil. It can also be used for sprinkler systems.


    SWAFL tests for pH, total dissolved solids, salinity, nitrates, bacteria, hardness and more dependent on owner concern.


    SWFAL is not certified for drinking water tests.

    Contact your county Extension office for water sampling bottles, sampling instructions and other information.

  • How do I collect a water sample?

    Please consult your county Extension office, the OSU Soil, Water and Forage Analytical Laboratory, the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality or other organization you will be submitting to for their specific standards for submitting a water sample prior to collection.


    As a general rule, you will need to obtain a clean unused plastic bottle to collect your sample in. Prior to filling the bottle, turn on your water faucet and let it run for 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse the bottle three times with the water you are wanting to test. Fill the bottle to the top and submit the sample to your county Extension office or testing laboratory.

  • How often should I get my water tested?
    Annual water testing is recommended. However, if a problem is suspected, more frequent testing may be needed. Additional testing after water is treated can be helpful to ensure the problem has been addressed.
  • How do I get a well-drilling permit?
    The Oklahoma Water Resources Board handles all permitting for the state of Oklahoma. Get in touch with OWRB.



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  • What is the Water Center?

    As a result of the 1964 Water Resources Act, the Oklahoma Water Resources Research Institute (OWRRI, currently known as the Oklahoma Water Resources Center) was founded in 1965 at Oklahoma State University. The OWRC is active in research, Extension and outreach efforts to improve and share water resources.

  • Where is the Water Center located?

    The Oklahoma Water Resources Center is located in 110 Noble Research Center.


    While OWRC is headquarted on Oklahoma State University's campus, it serves the entire state of Oklahoma.


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