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The Water Resources Research Act of 1964 authorized the establishment of a water resources research and technology institute or center at a land-grant university in each state. As a result of the Water Resources Act, the Oklahoma Water Resources Research Institute (OWRRI, currently known as the Oklahoma Water Resources Center) was founded in 1965 at Oklahoma State University.
Although headquartered at OSU, the Oklahoma Water Resources Center serves the entire state of Oklahoma. The Center strives to help Oklahoma achieve high levels of water quality and sustainable use of our region’s water through integrated programs of research, education, training, and technology assistance. Our Water Research Advisory Board decides which projects submitted for funding best suit the state's needs.

Our Vision and Mission

Empowering informed decision making and enriching understanding of the state’s most critical water management issues through engagement, education and actionable science.

Support research on all topics related to understanding and managing Oklahoma water resources. Provide education and training opportunities for water specialists, professionals, and students. Outreach and information transfer in the Oklahoma water resource community. Facilitate team-building to provide solutions to water issues.

In 2023The Oklahoma Water Resources Center had

in Project Funding

Proposals Submitted

Students Supported


Additional Information

Thomas E. Berry Professorship

This endowed professorship in the Oklahoma Water Resources Center focuses on sustaining Oklahoma’s water supply by helping producers, landowners, and the public make informed and beneficial decisions about water use and management.

Water Research Advisory Board

Our Water Research Advisory Board is comprised of a wide range of water resource professionals. These are the people who help us determine water research priorities and select water-focused projects for funding through the Oklahoma Water Research Grants Program. 

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