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The need for professionals with a solid understanding of water use and conservation principles is projected to grow along with the demand for water. Consider the opportunities for a rewarding career that will help preserve the quality of life and economic benefits afforded by a reliable supply of high quality water for agricultural production, recreation, urban expansion and other needs. Those with water-related knowledge and skills will be in a position to help lead Oklahoma to a better future.

Department Offerings

  • Agricultural Economics

    The Agricultural Economics Department's focus is on solving problems. Students completing degrees have excelled in teaching, research, extension, government service, and business. The department has an environment conducive to considerable interaction among students and with faculty.


    AGEC 5503 Economics of Natural and Environmental Resource Policy
    Problems and policies involved in administering our natural resources are discussed. Economic analysis, particularly benefit-cost analysis, is emphasized. The development and administration of environmental policies relating to the quality of our environment, including land, air, water and related resources, are analyzed in an economic framework.


    Please visit the Agricultural Economics website to learn about their programs, projects, coursework, and faculty.


  • Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering

    M.S. and Ph.D. programs are available in the Environment and Natural Resources area within the School of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering. Students engage in a challenging program of study and in original and innovative research in four main areas: hydrology and hydrologic modeling, subsurface flow and transport, and surface water quality and erosion.


    Please visit the Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering website to learn about their programs, projects, coursework, and faculty.

  • Entomology & Plant Pathology

    Students interested in entomology and plant pathology might choose to research insects, or controlling damaging insects or plant diseases.


    Graduate Programs

    A graduate degree (Master's or Ph.D.) in entomology could focus on research areas such as aquatic invertebrates and medical entomology (e.g., mosquito ecology).



    ENTO 4484/5484 Aquatic Entomology
    Biology, taxonomy and ecology of insects and other invertebrates, inhabiting freshwater environments. Emphasis is placed on identification and biology of individual taxa. Roles of insects in aquatic ecology, as a forage base, and as indicators of biotic integrity of aquatic systems.  Graduate students will be expected to complete additional collection requirements and biotic integrity analyses. No credit for students with credit in ENTO 4484, ZOOL 4484, or ZOOL 5484. (Same course as ZOOL 5484.)  Offered Spring semester of even years.


    Please visit the Entomology & Plant Pathology website website to learn about their programs, projects, coursework, and faculty.

  • Natural Resources Ecology & Management

    The overall goals of the NREM department are to provide high quality, advanced training and instruction in the application of the scientific method to problems in natural resource ecology and management.  The department strives to develop the capability for original and creative work under the guidance of established professionals and scientists.


    Graduate Degrees

    The Department offers advanced degrees in Natural Resource Ecology and Management with one of the following specializations:

    • Fisheries and Aquativ Ecology
    • Forest Resources
    • Rangeland Ecology and Management


    Please visit the Natural Resources Ecology & Management website to learn about their programs, projects, coursework, and faculty.

  • Plant & Soil Sciences

    The graduate programs of the department of Plant and Soil Sciences prepare individuals for successful careers in a variety of areas, including farming and ranching, extension education, agricultural business, research, teaching, environmental sciences, waste management, and all aspects of crop production.


    Please visit the Pland & Soil Sciences website to learn about their programs, projects, coursework, and faculty.

  • The Environmental Science Graduate Program

    ESGP offers a Water and Watershed Specialization. Due to its interdisciplinary nature, the ESGP attracts and produces students with interests beyond a single discipline. ESCP students are housed in one of many departments including Agricultural Economics, Economics, Leisure Studies, Plant & Soil Sciences, Natural Resource Ecology & Management, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, Geology, Geography, Political Science, Educational and School Psychology, School of Teaching and Curriculum Leadership, Sociology, and Zoology.


    Please visit the Environmental Science website website to learn about their programs, projects, coursework, and faculty.

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