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Employment Opportunities


  • Student Data Management Assistant

    For full consideration apply using the OSU Career Site.


    A collaboration between OSU and the U.S. Department of Agriculture seeks a Student Data Management Assistant to work with a large team of researchers and staff.  The team is building cloud-based data acquisition technologies for natural resources and environment management (e.g., water resources, soil carbons and nutrients, crop productions, etc.). This will allow data to be integrated into various modeling tools for decision making systems.

    Continued employment is contingent upon performance and funding.



    The incumbent will assist with data entry, data management, and data analysis efforts including:

    • Extracting, transforming, and loading data into databases
    • Assisting with cleaning and preparing data
    • Maintaining data accuracy and intercomparison from multiple sources
    • Building data dictionary and writing documents for data related applications
    • Data visualization and application development/implementation in cloud platforms

    This position will allow the successful candidate the opportunity to apply data management program techniques and procedures.  The Student Data Management Assistant will work 10-20 hours per week, starting immediately.  The position will be located off-campus at the USDA-ARS offices at Lake Carl Blackwell. Work schedule is flexible enough to accommodate class schedules. Hours will be scheduled during Monday-Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.


    Required Qualifications

    • Currently enrolled at Oklahoma State University
    • Database management and development skills (e.g., data cleaning, query, transforming, and loading)
    • SQL or Python programing, and data visualization using dashboarding tools (e.g., PowerBI or Tableau)
    • Careful attention to details and procedures
    • Proficient at time management and task organization    
    • Able to stay focused on assigned tasks through completion    
    • Excels in an interpersonal, team environment
    • Availability to complete work during traditional workday hours (7:30 am – 4 pm)
    • Commitment to providing 10-20 hours of assistance per week
    • Ability to travel to off-campus duty location
    Starting at $11.00 per hour/Part time
    Permanent US Work Authorization Required
  • Senior Software Developer - Database Expansion

    Senior Software Developer Full Job Description


    Job Summary

    The Senior Software Developer for the Oklahoma Water Resources Center (OWRC) will be headquartered in Stillwater, OK and serve as an integral part of a collaborative research effort between the Oklahoma State University-OWRC, USDA- Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). This joint effort, titled Dam Analysis Modernization of Tools, Applications, Guidance, and Standardization (DAM-TAGS), will develop engineering tools, design guidance documents, and computational software and applications for monitoring, inspecting, and rehabilitation of aging dams. Through this effort, the incumbent will work closely with a team of scientists at the USDA-ARS Hydraulic Engineering Research Unit (HERU) in Stillwater and the National USDA-ARS Partnerships for Data Innovations to address regional and national issues associated with small watershed dams, reservoirs, and channels.

    The Senior Software Developer will be primarily working to develop and expand databases for specific research topic areas which will involve:

    • Developing data dictionaries, ontologies, and data shapes
    • Developing databases that will fed into a graph database system (a Neo4j platform)
    The incumbent must:
    • Know ArcGIS, as the access for pushing data into the graph database system current involve going through ArcGIS Pro.
    • Be highly organized, as the team is handling extremely large datasets for a significant number of research groups.
    • Be able to work independently and also as a team player. There will be several positions working on standardizing and integrating data into the platform and they will need to effectively divide the work and end up with a final product that is streamlined even though these individuals did the majority of the work separately.  


    • Bachelors in Computer Science, Electrical/Computer/Software Engineering, Information Technology/Systems/Science, Physics, or related field with 3 years' of experience or Master's in Computer Science, Electrical/Computer Engineering, Information Technology or a related field.  
    • Valid driver's license  
    • Knowledge of basic principles of professional/scientific research.
    • Ability to prioritize tasks and completed these tasks in a timely manner to the satisfaction of the requestor Demonstrated ability to develop, debug, and revise software code in multiple programming languages such as Terraform, Java, C/C++, C#, Python, SQL, HTML & CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, Fortran, VBA.NET, R, Bash, PowerShell, TypeScript
    • Working knowledge of user interface development systems used in software application development such as GitHub, GitLab, Hadoop, Spark, MS SQL Server, Visual Studio (2015, 2017, 2019), IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans, R Studio, Office 365.
    • Experience with ESRI's GIS software suite.
    • Experience working with data stored in cloud storage accounts and PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQL servers.
    • Skill in programming, scripting, statistics, managing tasks, working in a fast-paced multidisciplinary team environments, managing cloud resources, cybersecurity, and working with large temporal and spatial datasets. 



    • Master's in Computer Science, Electrical/Computer Engineering, Information Technology, or related field and 3 years' experience or a PhD in Computer Science, Electrical/Computer Engineering, Information Technology or a related field.  
    • Knowledge of hardware and software functions, network and operating system specifications, sufficient to develop new work methods, and standards.
    • Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows Server, and Linux.
    • Working knowledge of cloud platforms (Azure, AWS).
    • Experience with Microsoft .NET Core 2.1, .NET 4.0 and Angular.
  • Student Data Intern

    Join the Oklahoma Water Resources Center (OWRC)!


    From its headquarters on the OSU campus, OWRC serves the entire state of Oklahoma to achieve high levels of water quality and sustainable use of our region’s water through integrated programs of research, education, training, and technology assistance.


    An OWRC Student Data Intern will receive a wide variety of experiences in professional office duties, communications, organizing and maintaining data as well as working with a wide variety of industry specialists. This position is part of a research and outreach project with the USDA – Agricultural Research Service to convert a library of hard-copy records into digital format. These resources will then be made available world-wide via a cloud-based searchable database.  


    Responsibilities may include:

    • Preparing, organizing, and scanning hard-copy archive documents into a digital database record
    • Collecting and entering document information into databases
    • Maintaining accurate records of valuable research information
    • Compiling, verifying the accuracy, and sorting information according to priorities to prepare source data for computer entry
    • Generating reports, storing completed work, and performing backup operations
    • Working on special projects and other duties as assigned (e.g., field work, administrative)
    • Conducting research by assisting setting up instrumentation, collecting data, constructing models, and supporting facility functions.



    • Ability to work both independently and as a team player
    • Willingness to learn from others and gain knowledge about water resources
    • Pay careful attention to details and follows procedures
    • Excellent ability to communicate in person, in print and electronically to a variety of audiences    
    • Ability to maintain professional decorum in a team environment based on idea generation, creativity, and collaboration
    • Knowledge of MS Word, Excel, and ability to work on PC    
    • Experience with data entry into spreadsheets and databases is preferred


    We will work with the chosen candidate to customize their responsibilities and tailor them to their strengths and interests.


    All applicants need to submit a cover letter and resume to



    Work 10-20 hours per week with a flexible schedule, hours will be scheduled Monday - Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pay rate is $10/hr. The position will be located off-campus at the USDA-ARS Hydraulic Engineering Research Unit office.


    Position will be evaluated at the end of each school year and, dependent upon project funding, can continue for the duration of the student’s time at OSU if mutually agreed upon by the intern and employer.

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