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The OK-HAWQS was developed to better understand Oklahoma’s hydrologic and water quality issues and to promote best practice in conservation planning. Development of the OK-HAWQS was funded by the Oklahoma Conservation Commission and technical support was provided by the Spatial Sciences Laboratory (SSL) at Texas A&M University. The OK-HAWQS has the following characteristics:


  • It is a calibrated SWAT model for the state of Oklahoma
  • It has up-to-date weather, soils, topography, and land use data for watershed in the state
  • It has more detailed state and regional data than the national version of HAWQS, including the ability to simulate hydrology and water quality of Oklahoma streams at the HUC-12 scale
  • It is customized for inputs and outputs designed to address Oklahoma’s hydrologic and water quality priorities
  • It has enhanced graphical, statistical, database, and text-management tools to facilitate comparison of simulated and measured data
  • It has the ability to quickly generate research and management reports describing the hydrologic and water quality impacts of alternative scenarios for land use, agricultural management, soil and water conservation practices, and climate.

The OK-HAWQS supports hydrologic and water quality researchers, managers, and policy makers. Recordings of demonstration webinars and workshops are available on the Water Center YouTube chanel.  Read more information about creating an account and utilizing the OK-HAWQS.


View the HAWQS Year 1 Report

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