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Oklahoma Water Resources Center Projects

Conjunctive Freshwater Saltwater Management

 Adding saline water to freshwater could stretch available water supplies, but the key is keeping the salinity levels balances, so they do not harm the crops or soil.

Oklahoma Well Owner Network

The Oklahoma Well Owner Network is an Extension program led by the OWRC which provides free of charge residential well water screening and training to rural communities in Oklahoma.

Regenerative Agriculture

The Regenerative Agriculture SAS Project is a multi-disciplinary collaborative effort focused on demonstrating the benefits of implementing regenerative agricultural practices and training on emerging technologies on carbon sequestration, greenhouse gas emissions, climate change mitigation, producer income, water resources and rural economies.

Modernization of Dam Analysis Tools

A collaborative research initiative between the OWRC, USDA Agricultural Research Services (ARS) and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to develop tools and techniques for the rehabilitation of aging dams.

PEER2PEER Addresses Transboundary Water Security

The goal of this project is to create an international network of networks by creating a collaborative management of transboundary water promises, economic, societal, environmental, and diplomatic benefits to improve water security.

Native American After-school STEM

A project to advance the infrastructure and capacity of after-school STEM programs in three Tribal Nations: the Pawnee, Citizen Potawatomi, and the Chickasaw Nations.

Hydrologic & Water Quality Model Development

A web-based interactive water quantity and quality modeling system that employs the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) model to reduce the time and effort to conduct watershed modeling.

Sustainable Urban Horticulture

An initiative to recruit and train graduate student fellows in the Targeted Expertise Shortage Area of Plant Production within the discipline of Plant Sciences and Horticulture.

Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation

OK-LSAMP aims to increase the number of students from under-represented populations who receive degrees in STEM disciplines. 

Oklahoma Master Irrigator Program

A program to promote water conservation in irrigated agriculture, providing advanced training on water management, equipment maintenance, energy conservation, and economic strategies.

Oklahoma Water Research Grants

In collaboration with the USGS, this program administers two water research grants each year to support research addressing priority water problems within the state and beyond.

Socially Sustainable Solutions for Oklahoma

A social science framework to identify socially sustainable, science-based solutions for complex problems at the intersection of land use, water availability, and infrastructure.

The Spotty Rain Campaign

A project to enhance the capacity for rural libraries to engage the public in drought science, monitoring and adaptation.

Improving Ecosystem Services with Virtual Fencing

A program to support research on how GPS-enabled collars worn by cattle can help producers better manage grazing while also improving water quality, wildlife habitats, and soil health.

National American Indian Science and Engineering Fair

 NAISEF is an annual middle school and high school science fair held annually at OSU-Stillwater in April.

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