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This project’s goal is to intensify agricultural production in an environmentally sustainable manner that enhances the agronomic, economic and community resiliency in the Southern Great Plains (SGP).


Long-term region-specific research, especially in semi-arid regions, is needed to better

understand regenerative practices and the effects on soil health and water use in cotton agroecosystems. Perhaps more importantly, is a need for further outreach, Extension, and education for producers and landowners in these regions, as well as a careful examination into how the information presented is interpreted by producers.


This research would be the first effort to evaluate a systems approach to regenerative agriculture across Texas and Oklahoma ecoregions encompassing the SGP.


  • Identify adoption barriers of regenerative practices and pathways to overcome them.
  • Increase understanding of field level processes, effects, and optimization of agricultural intensification using regenerative practices.
  • Quantify the watershed/regional scale effects of regenerative practice adoption.
  • Evaluate economics of regenerative practice adoption at farm and regional scales; and enhance adoption via dissemination of knowledge gained from these objectives.


Partners of the OWRC

  • Oklahoma Ag Experiment Station
  • Oklahoma Extension Service
  • Texas A&M Agrilife Research
  • Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service
  • Texas Tech University
  • Texas Water Resources Institute
  • West Texas A&M University
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